1. Mikuni round slide vm22-133 main jets

    Mikuni round slide vm22-133 main jets

    Genuine mikuni vm22-133 round main jet and replacement genuine mikuni hex main jet
  2. 1stBxMopar

    Piston Ring Headache

    I have a 1969 Tecumseh H30 on the bench that I am in the process of rebuilding. After a parts search and making sure the cylinder was within spec, the last thing I was waiting for was an NOS std. piston ring set that I found on ebay. So when they arrived today I was happy that I could go forward...
  3. Dr. Shop Teacher

    H50/60 Ring End Gap????? WTH????

    I was doing some reassembly on the H60 for the Trail Bike and had swapped the "new" piston onto the rod and I went to check the ring end gap before installing the piston. I followed the L-Head manual instructions and pushed the oiler down to the center of the bore with the piston and got an End...
  4. 6doggie3

    Bonanza Head light retainer ring PM711 or AP4600

    Could use the whole ring/bezel or the piece to repair this one? Thanks Mike
  5. Eliminator

    This One Doesn't ring a Bell as to What it is....

    Not the best photo and the only one.. No suspension and looks like 10" wheels. Engine mount plate is two seperate pieces versus one plate...
  6. T

    5HP Flat Head Piston Ring End Gap?

    Kool-Bore aluminum bore. What is the ring end gap range? Thanks.
  7. Full Throttle

    WANTED : gx200 ring gear

    Got a 4-pole flywheel for a gx160 / gx200 / clone but need a ring gear to go on the flywheel. I know i will have to machine down the flywheel to accept the ring gear but cannot find one anywhere. Anybody know or got one they would like to sell ?
  8. P

    Tec HM80. Need Advice please!

    Hello OldMiniBikes! I have recently acquired a 1976 Heald Super Bronc with a Tec HM80 155042A Serial No. 4169R. My grandpa took it to a local shop to get tuned up and running a few years back. Well, my cousin was riding it and I could tell something was not right and made him shut it down. It sat for...
  9. Scottessey

    Need ring gap spec for H35

    Hey Fellas, I need a ring end gap spec for a Tecumseh H35-45366J. I looked around online, but I don't see it.
  10. J

    Rupp 6" chrome ring with hole

    Looking for a very nice chrome trim ring with the air fill hole. Pic and price if you have one your willing to sell. Thanks, Joe
  11. J

    60's Rupp trim ring

    Just checking,,, Is there any interest in a reproduction Rupp chrome trim ring used on the 60's Turbine set up. Regards
  12. Ding Ding

    Weeping gas cap repairs/fixes

    My gas caps on on my mini bikes tend to "weep" small amounts of fuel if going over bumps or after an aggressive ride. I assume this has to do with old seals in the cap and venting or lack there of.... Aside from cap replacement, does anyone have any good fixes or repairs they've done to keep...
  13. martinson83

    GX200 charging kit

    I got a used GX200 from eBay a while ago. I'm planning on building a mud motor for my john boat. I was looking into electric starter kits as well , and I saw they came with charging coils. When I tore the GX apart I saw it already had the charging coils and magnets on the fly wheel (no ring...
  14. Dragbikemini

    Honda GX200 Cooling Spacer Ring

    Killing me that photos upload 90 off. This is cup and spacer ring for Honda/Clone pull start. Cup is longer. This is for extra cooling. Picture of engine is what it looks like. This is on all GX200's BTW. 15$ plus 1lbs from 10509. PayPal. If you have a older Honda pull start with plastic...

    ring size on a 5hp briggs

    my friend gave me his older 5hp motor because it was smoking and oil was fouling the plug and the motor would shut off.. i pulled the whole thing apart and when i went to take the piston out, i couldn't.. there is a very small lip at the top of the cylinder that doesn't allow the rings to pass...
  16. B

    piston ring size

    Hello new to this forum, I have a few quick questions. I bought a billet rod from ARC and want to install new rings also, well I'm not sure if I have the 1mm or the 1.5 mm thick rings. Then I noticed the low tension rings and wanted to know how thick those are if I can use them in my motor?. I...
  17. FirePowerMinis

    WTB GX390 ring e-start parts

    Starter and flywheel, at least, shipped to 48507.
  18. ZR9B

    ring gap? HS40

    I need the ring gap ,witch way is up and top and middle I.D. I cant believe I overlooked not knowing before I got this far ....any help would be great. HS40
  19. S

    piston ring question need help asap

    hello my friend brought me a Yamaha generator to rebuild, however he brought it to me in a big box completely disassembled. he has a new piston ring set, my question is there is obviously 2 compression rings, one is black with a yellow marker on it stamped with an "R" the second is chrome plated...
  20. R

    Piston Ring gap Orientation Predator

    Got a brand new 212 Predator that I tore down to replace stock rod with an ARC billet. Does any of you guys know where the piston ring gaps should be clocked on the piston before I install into the bore? I know they should be staggered but where on these engines is my question. Thanks