1. gwoods27

    5hp Piston ring question

    I’m looking for std rings for my 130202 5hp. Is 299742 the correct part# rings for it. Bore Diameter measures between 2.5615 and 2.5625. It’s an aluminum bore so I need chrome rings
  2. J

    NOS Rupp trim rings

    Hello, Not sure what these are for. Possibly a Rupp Go Cart. They are for a 6" rim. Narrower than the mini-bike rim. Missing hardware as far as I can tell. No air valve holes. Been in storage for years. $65.00 shipped. Postal Money Order if interested. Regards, Joe51
  3. R

    CT70 rim rings?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried or knows if the 10" CT70 rim rings will work to replace Rupp or Speedway 10"?
  4. Valocalrep

    Hemi Predator Piston Rings

    So im getting ready to do my order on OldMiniBikes for a new gasket set and new rings mine are well worn down and the engine (picked up used havent ran yet) has low compression. On OldMiniBikes all i can find is Rings for the normal Predator engine does anyone know if these will work in the Hemi...
  5. Fisher1983

    5hp chrome rings???

    Whats the deal with chrome rings for a Kool Bore 5hp? I was reading that they dont require a hone or deglazing. My 5hp has a nice bore, no ridge whatsoever at the top, but the last time I reassembled a Briggs that was this clean it smoked like a stack. Since the bore and piston are in great...
  6. B

    kawasaki kv75/mt1 piston rings

    hi guys I'm looking for standard piston rings for a kawasaki 1974 mt1b. the cylinder and and piston are fine.The part number is 13008-029.They come up on eBay every once in a while but some people are asking crazy money.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Im looking to bring the mt1b back...
  7. B

    1974 mt1 b piston rings

    Hey guys I'm working on a Kawasaki mt1/kv75.i need to replace the piston rings what I see for that year it says .020 oversize or .040. There both available on eBAy not sure which ones to get. Also does anyone know how much trans gear oil. I see a screw, it looks like you remove and fill until it...
  8. R

    I need rings but I do not know what size, can anyone help?

    Hi, I have an unknown year Honda QA50E-3 005871 I need rings with my compression at 35 psi The diamiter of my piston is 43 mm Can someone tell me the year or part # Any help would be great white fenders with red tank and grey frame
  9. 125ccCrazy

    Anyone have a BB 6hp Briggs flathead disassembled? need specs on the piston rings

    If anyone has a 6hp flathead and a micrometer, if you could measure the width of each ring I need to compare them to a H70 Tec rings...I can't find any .010 h70 rings and it looks as though the Briggs has the same bore 2 3/4" which the rings can still be found... There are a few parts that cross...
  10. 125ccCrazy

    Tecumseh h70 .010 rings

    part number 32596
  11. danbur55

    honda piston rings

    honda part# 13012 ze0 013, 13011 ze0 013, 13010 890 010 if anyone has a need for these rings will ship out $10 a set only have 1 set of each thanks danny
  12. P

    baja mini racer won't start after repair

    I bought a mini racer, fixed it up, it was losing compression around the spark plug threads, so i ordered a honda g100 head, and new piston rings for good measure. So I installed the new piston rings and new head, I'm pretty darn sure I put everything back together right. Valves are opening...
  13. FloridaMiniBikes

    Various Tecumseh 7 & 8 HP Gaskets and New rings. (Hor & Vert).

    This stuff has been waiting for me to get an engine for it, and it ain't never gonna happen. Give it a good 3,600 rpm home, or its your turn to let it sit on a shelf. $20 bucks PayPal-Gift U.S.48 shipped.
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    H30 piston rings

    So the ARCO H30 I picked up last weekend has no compression. I opened the head and poured oil inside and it fairly quickly got by the piston and into the sump. Pretty safe to say that this is the cause no? Bad piston rings? Ive never changed em. Anyone have or know of a decently simply step...
  15. ole4

    Wanted HS50 .010 piston and rings assembly# 34536

    Looking for .010 oversize piston and rings for a Early HS50. Tecumseh # for the piston and rings is 34536. Ole
  16. gbones

    Coin rings

    I heard about coin rings a few months ago on FB, after watching alot of YouTube videos I decided to buy some tools and give it a try. I bought a ring mandrel and a dappingblock set from amazon, punch and die set, 15lb anvil and a nylon mallet from HF. I found an easy way to find center of a...
  17. K-Saletta

    Piston rings

    Does anyone have any predator 212cc (old style) piston rings they want to sell?
  18. N

    [WTB] Tecumseh Power Sport Piston Rings

    Looking for OHH-50, 55, 60, or 65 piston rings (they are all the same, no?) stock bore or + 0.010".
  19. Miniwood

    Rings too thick

    Just got some Sterns piston rings ( 500-017) for my 3.5 flathead briggs. Mod 91202 The stern ring # 500-017 number does transfer to the correct briggs ring # 298982 However the sterns rings in the box are way too thick! the sterns pressure rings are 1/8 to 3/16 inches thick. They will not fit...
  20. D


    I did use the search tool (for a whole ten minutes...not nearly as much patience for the web as for wrenching) and couldn't find the answer. I have a junk 2.8 that I have been playing with. I've heard they are t so bad when properly built. I'm gonna rejet with my pen vise and add some good oil...