1. Prototype Bonham 2x2 Tote Gote

    Prototype Bonham 2x2 Tote Gote

    A rare and unusual 2wd prototype Bonham Tote Gote motorcycle which appeared on eBay July 2019. It is a "partial restoration" in the sellers words, and does not appear to be %100 complete...but mostly there and a good candidate for a real restoration. From the auction listing description: "1959...

    Has anyone tried to make your own Rokon style mini?

    I have gained an interest in Rokon but at the high price point and the spare parts I have laying around I'm thinking I might be able to do better
  3. W

    Mini Rokon - A 2x2 Azusa Build

    Hi everyone, just starting a new project and figured I would start a thread on it. I acquired a brand new, complete Azusa 8" wheel mini bike kit on craigslist for a steal. It also came with a new 6.5hp Dupor clone engine and a Comet torque converter. The engine has some performance parts...
  4. W

    Chrysler, West Bend Rokon 82007 Motor

    I need some help with my Rokon! The motor will idle, but will not take any throttle. The carb. Has been rebuilt twice but I still suspect it has an internal fuel leak. Any ideas out there?? Thank you!
  5. Radford46


    1968 Rokon Trailbraker Found this the other day looking for parts for my 68 pickup. Doesn't show under mini bike.
  6. W

    2wd Tom Thumb Rokon?

    Hi everyone, been a while since I posted anything...... bought a house, moved, etc. Anyway I have been enjoying the heck out of my 2wd fat tire bike, so much so that I still have not found time to "finish" it. And now I have this hair brained idea to build a tiny version of it. First things...
  7. nds1968

    Rokon Scout

    Not mine.....2008 Rokon Scout motorcycle
  8. toomanytoys

    traded for a rokon today.

    Traded an economy king tractor for this Rokon. Pretty nice ride. Came with a NOS brand new west bend in the box, and a TON of extra parts. 3 speed transmission. Runs like a beast. Tops out at 25 mph and starts first pull
  9. G

    rokon in bakersfield ca

    1975 Rokon Two Wheel Dr Motorcycle
  10. rokon


  11. rokon


  12. MadKaw


    I have the opportunity to get my hands on a couple of them, both in decent shape...but not run in a loooong time. Are they worth messing with? Parts obtainable? I don't want to just pay money for them to switch barns, I'd like to bring them back to life if possible. All the 2-wheel drive systems...
  13. jbrewton

    WTB Rokon Powerbee 82007

    Looking for a correct model Powerbee 82007 model motor for a Rokon. When you're done laughing please look to see what you might have. Prefer the full engine and carb but surely will consider parts. Thanks!
  14. YOOP

    another rokon

    looks to be an older model.guy probably thinks it's worth it's weight in gold from reading the ad Rokon 2x2 TRAILBREAKER AS SEEN ON PAWN STARS TRADE SELL
  15. YOOP


  16. leathernun666

    Rokon project

    (Rokon Trail RT140, trail bike restoration project)
  17. james c

    rokon plunger trans

    its not really a "mini" bike, but it does use a westbend engine so i thought id try to see if anyone has any parts, i need a plunger trans
  18. YOOP


  19. countstevula

    Rokon TrailBreaker

    Check this out.... is this a deal? hardly see any for sale... ROKON TRAILBREAKER
  20. bullhead

    Heads UP Rokon guys!

    Just a heads up for a MK2 Rokon for sale! Here is a CL ad. From Bakerfield, CA. But the town is closer to Victorville. Rokon Trail Breaker MK-2 63-64 Also a Powell , 1947 Powell Motorscooter I know there is a lot of people looking for these. Bullhead