rupp roadster

  1. gwoods27

    Rupp Roadster2 shipping question

    Anyone have experience shipping a rupp roadster2? Im getting a quote from a seller of $300 to ship. Does that seem right? Could have swore other people were shipping them for $150
  2. D

    West Bend/Chrysler 820 TAV

    Hi everyone, I have a fully rebuilt West Bend/Chrysler Power Bee 820, that I believe was originally on an Arctic Cat Screamer, and I would like to mount it on my 1970 Rupp Roadster. The only issue I’m running into, since the engine mounts perfectly, is sourcing a torque converter that would work...
  3. RuppChopperPaul

    RuppChopperPaul's - "1/2 Ton" Rupp - (Vintage Open)

    I tried this last year and I am going to try it again with a much tighter budget. This time, going cafe racer with the goal of reaching speeds of 50 mph, hence the name "1/2 Ton". Using a Predator 212cc Hemi engine, 1975 Rupp Roadster frame, 14" Speedway wheels, Coleman Attex tank (from...
  4. Z

    Rupp Roadster modifications

    I have a 1970 Rupp Roadster. It came stock with 10 inch wheels, but I'm wondering if it's possible to take the 12 inch wheels off of say a 1972 Roadster and put them on? I want to be able to use a speedo but I cant find any Veglia sending units made for 10 inch wheels, so I thought that 12 inch...
  5. zeeman

    Rupp Roadster tank, fender

    I need a tank and rear fender with mounting bracket. Could also use the right side chain guard and TC cover. Rough condition is OK for the fender. 1971. Thanks.
  6. avmansnetnet

    Tecumseh H50 For A Rupp?

    Hello all. I acquired a near mint green Tecumseh H50 5HP engine with these markings: H50 65565V (B) 3334D. The engine runs perfect and is mounted to a Coleman gen-set. The gen-set was in a heated basement inside of an optional gen-set enclosure so not even the bolt heads have the...
  7. J

    1970 Rupp Roadster: Rear Light and Brake Light

    Hello Friends.... A couple of questions about 1970 Rupp Roadster Brake Light and Cable.........I'm trying to get mine to work properly. On the rear break cable, there is a white plastic device with two wires and connectors attached. (Perhaps my part is broken and not working properly)...
  8. R

    Difference Between Rupp and Rupp2 engine?

    I was woundering what the diffence between a rupp motor and and a rupp 2 motor? And was looking to maybe buy a rupp 2 motor and was woundering if that would fut on a roadster? The motor that is on it is a HS40-55282B:hammer:
  9. sharkybh


  10. B

    1969 Rupp Roadster

    Here's a 1969 Rupp Roadster, i just picked up, it has been butchered, but there is still some parts i can use, i am planning to make it into something still. we will see how it turns out, i picked this one up for $20 :thefinger: :lol: