1. jpdriver1

    Arnold Schwinn front brake

    the arnold schwinn front brake on my trail blazer is frozen solid. I was wondering what anyone else has done with theirs? this is a representative pic I found on the net thanks kevin
  2. Tom S.

    Want a Schwinn Sting-Ray, Or Two, Or Eleven?

    Vintage Schwinn Stingray Krate Fastback Ramshorn Mini Twinn More Collection | eBay
  3. Sunset5523


    hey does anyone know who built this? does anyone know what wheels in size and where they came off from and tires? what model frame also.
  4. Stangrcr1

    Schwinn Stingray

    This is going to be a one post build. Already finished it. These are the pics that first got me on this site. I inherited this bike from my son in law and was going to build a low slung chopper. And this was the motor that I was going to use til I found the bore badly scored...
  5. N

    Schwinn Stingray Motor Mount

    Hi Can someone tell me what kind of mount I would need to mount the Predator 212cc Engine? My plan was to remove the pedals and all that so it completely runs on motor. Can I just drill the mount for the baja conversion plate? I plan to do it for as cheap as possible. Any tips help
  6. 45t

    Anyone collect or have Schwinn Krates Stingrays as a hobby

    I've been looking into the vintage Krates and Stingrays lately, considering picking one up for a build. I've always wanted one as a kid but my parents couldn't afford it. So I'd figure that now that I'm older and can afford it, why not buy now what I couldn't have as a kid. I've looked a some...
  7. socal_machinist

    Schwinn OCC converted to 6hp mini bike

    I'm currently slicing and dicing a schwinn OCC. It has a nice and beefy 6 hp tecumseh power sport 195 cc engine. For CA legal reasons I'm registering this is a moped and I have to keep the pedals. Project goals: under 400$ CA street legal streetable good bottom end torque 45 mph+ (on...
  8. ozark caveman

    Cool Mini's Made From Schwinn Stingray's

    I just bought a Stingray today from a flea market. I've seen one or two on here before. I'd like to see some of your mini's made from these bikes!
  9. roccosbike

    Schwinn Bike

    View image in gallery View image in gallery I have been asked by a few people how I did my frame on my schwinn bike so here is a few pics of it.I will be painting it so I can take picks of anything anyone wants to see.The pics here show how I did my motor mount.5HP Briggs engine using...
  10. Schwinn Cruiser

    Schwinn Cruiser

    Schwinn Cruiser
  11. Schwinn Cruiser

    Schwinn Cruiser

    Schwinn Cruiser
  12. H

    stock doodlebug motor on schwinn s350?

    well, i'm looking at maybe replacing the motor on my kids' doodlebug & was thinking of slapping the old one on an electric schwinn s350 i have just sitting around the shop. i have no interest in replacing the dead batteries & seeing as how i'll already have a spare motor this seems like a good...
  13. 3

    5hp schwinn chopper build

    Im new to this site and this is my first bike build. i got the frame from the junkyard completely stripped. so i welded on a 3 wheeled bike rearend and put a mountain bike front wheel on it. this is my progress so far:
  14. ratrod1313

    motorized schwinn

    Motorized schwinn. sale or traid located in auburn indiana
  15. O

    Schwinn Stingray Chopper project

    Hey fella's new guy here. i found this forum looking for parts for this project of mine. It's a OCC schwinn stingray chopper that was missing a few parts. i found it in the basement of a duplex i bought. As soon as i saw it, i knew its fate right away... lol... anyone got any old motor cycle...
  16. 1970 schwinn heavy duty w/ 144 spoke rims

    1970 schwinn heavy duty w/ 144 spoke rims

    this bike is for sale or will trade for mini bike, nice briggs or honda/clone racing motor.
  17. gbones

    twin schwinn

  18. 108octane

    schwinn chopper

    anyone modded these bikes? if so would the large rear tire make it hard to get moving? im just really curious cause i bought one and have put a 2 hp briggs on it and dont know yet how fast it will be. anyway it looks really cool the way it sits and cant wait for the rain to stop so i can ride it.
  19. Ruppster81

    Any Schwinn Experts Here?

    I know some of you are into Schwinn bikes, I have no clue when it comes to them so I have a question. Those old metal tank halves that go on the top bar worth anything? I have an original set in my garage that I want gone but I was hoping to ebay them? Not looking to make a ton of money but I...
  20. M

    schwinn chopper wheels!!!!!

    I have seen alot of people turn the regular schwinn choppers into mini choppers while useing the same back wheel, they just conected a sprocket to it. HOW WOULD I DO THAT?????