1. Taco Loco Joe

    Saturday Morning Score

    I been finding some deals lately. Today I got a Trojan Roller with Hands Wheels which is my favorite rider. 1" tubing frame and suspension front and back. Made in San Ramon and Walnut Creek Ca. Also a ? With Old style Taco wheels and Forks. The seller threw in 4 engines. Might get 1 running or...
  2. smudvapor

    Ruppster Score

    Thanks to an OldMiniBikes member who gave me a heads up I was able to get my hands on this. It needs some work but compared to my other one this one is almost perfect. Maybe a Summer Camp 2018 project for my students? Stay tuned.
  3. Rupp 72

    Original Black Widow score!

    Found this listed on Facebook of all things! I couldn't hardly believe it. Looks to be all original, not in the best shape but for the money it was a steal! Engine has good compression and shouldn't take much to get running.
  4. Rupp 72

    Ruppster Score!

    Picked this up yesterday, original ruppster, i was told 1971. It has the original Rockwell JLO 230 with electric start! Spent a day and a half working on it and already got the engine to run on a shot of gas. Looking to install the gas tank soon. The gas tank looks almost NOS. I also have all...
  5. jwitt

    Todays score

    Every so often I post a "Wanted" ad. on Criegslist. Sometimes it pays off but most times not. Here is what I picked up today. A green Cat with a FUBAR'ed front end. The red one is pretty decent, (Bird?). A Tecumseh edger motor and a GX160 Honda. All for 80 bucks. Jim
  6. Woody212

    Early H35 swap meet score

    Even the losers get lucky sometimes. I was at an auto swap meet and spotted this early Tec holding a trailer door open. I got it for $20! I didn't know if it would be a parts motor or a runner, but knew it was out of a mini bike. The guy told me came out of a Golden Pinto that he had at home...
  7. gammatg

    Bonanza BC1300 CL score. Thanks to Owen!

    I was checking out local craigslist adds on lunch break on Friday. I saw this and called and text the guy. No response. In the mean time I called Owen to see if he would be able to get it for me if I heard back from him. He said no problem. A few minutes later, my phone rang and it was the...
  8. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza Score!

    I was dropping my Hodaka engine off today up in Vacaville Ca. So I figure I'll check the local Craig's list. I found this Bonanza up in Chico, Home of Sierra Nevada Brewery. $65 smackers with freshly blasted Go Powers and New Tires and tubes. He threw in the Briggs 2 horse for free. Today was a...
  9. james ackerman

    Heald super tryke stx 400 score

    88805 Picked this beauty up tonight. Story is as follows. I'm at work when my neighbor calls me and said while he was searching in farm and garden on craigslist he ran across this not far from where we live, so I was quick to get the number and call. Come to find out it was an old school...
  10. manchester1

    Alsport survivor score

    Picked this up last night. Looks all original plus a ton of extra parts. HH50 engine with a comet TC. Way too big of a trike for me.:laugh:
  11. CaptNugget

    1962 WaterMouse Hydro Kart score!

    :thumbsup::001_tt2:Found this sweet little hydro kart on Craigslist somewhat near me! I just couldn't pass it up! This thing is too neat! It has I'm told a 6.5 hp Briggs in it. Told me they came with 2 strokes and this is a replacement. It needs a throttle hooked up and a hood made for the...
  12. Valocalrep

    Got a Decent score today

    I lucked out and hopped on offerup and ended up getting 3 honda GX160's and a predator. 2 of the GX engines have low compression and need to get some parts but i say its a good score ill post pictures when i get home
  13. Twid

    Briggs C-List score

    I got a deal today.
  14. markus

    Really unexpected score!

    So I bought this Random Benelli Parts Lot of ebay the other day, just a table filled with mostly NOS parts from Pretty random models. Didn't really "need" any of if but I am currently cataloging and getting ready to sell the remaining 'nelli parts on I have on ebay already since I sold all...
  15. P

    Honda atc 70 Tri zinger 60 score

    I have these two near mint kids trikes all paper work . Tri zinger had less then 5 tanks ran threw it original owner and the Honda was original owner . Both fun to ride
  16. Taco Loco Joe

    Truck Load of mini bike frames SCORE!

    Found these on CL . Friday Night. Drove over to check these out and got a good deal on all of them. These 2 guys were cleaning out the garage and just wanted to keep there 2 complete Tacos. One was parked in the basement shower! We swapped old stories bout riding these death traps! Looks like 2...
  17. old shed finds

    Blazer Score Early production?

    Our recent score exited to get her going,But ? is is it a early production it has a very thin body and guards at bottom that run along the bike, dual clutch humps on cover.good shifting 2 speed trans.Has a big block engine plate.Any info help is thankfull.
  18. Taco Loco Joe

    Nice old Tecumseh motor score

    I picked this old mini bike up today from this guy that had it as a kid in 1976. His dad had it in a shed since then and gave back to him. Well he don't want it I do! The Tec Motor looks old. Here's a few pics
  19. Twid

    Briggs 5hp score

    Picked this up for $44 all I had in my pocket. then I went for a put!
  20. SaltCoupe

    Mini Bike Score

    Scored all this stuff today. Haven't bought anything for awhile (stuff seems to be getting harder to find). The Trail Cat will go well with my Trail Horse. Not sure what the primered frame is although I know I've seen them. Maybe somebody can help my i.d. it? Thanks for looking now go out and...