1. M

    sprocket size???

    just got an older lil indian roller, it has a 36 tooth 420 chain back sprocket. its in good cond. should I keep running that or change out to a 60 tooth or so larger?????? what would the difference be in top or bottom end???? thanks much for any info
  2. R

    WTB Goodyear Industrial inner tubes, size 2.80/2.50-4

    SERIOUS buyer for Goodyear Industrial inner tubes, size 2.80/2.50-4. NOS or used, any condition ok. Please PM. Thanks.
  3. hotrodricky

    Lil Indian seat size

    Can anyone give me the dimensions of a model 500 Lil Indian seat?
  4. O

    TAV 30 on predator 212 6" driven clutch right size?

    Looking to buy a tav 30 on ebay. There are two kits one with a 6" clutch and another with a 6" 5/8" inner diameter Driven Clutch. Not sure if either one matters. Which one should I get for my predator 212? thanks
  5. Sprocket86

    Vintage 4.00-6 Carlisle tire size comparison.

    Hi there. Looking for a good replacement set of tires that you can buy new that would be a good suitable replacement for the original and very dry rotted Carlisle 4.00-6 block tread tires that came new on my 1971 MTD trailflite mini bike. If I'm correct, a new modern 4.00-6 tire is not the...
  6. T

    Need help with selecting tire/wheel size.

    So I picked up this small custom trike. The rear currently has 13x6.5-6 tires on it, I'm looking for something a little wider and maybe taller but nothing crazy. What would be something slightly bigger and wider? I would buy wheels and tires already mounted as the wheels I have seem to have...
  7. markus

    K&S Hornet/roadrunner Vplex good belt size or number???

    Working on getting the barn find Roadrunner back on the road, there is a belt on it, worn and maybe a little long. wondering if anyone has found a good replacement belt to use for them? I did a search, no luck, I did print out the Vplex sheet from mini doodle that delray posted up years ago...
  8. V

    Mb22 / H50 jet size

    Having problems setting up dellorto mb22 on my 69 Rupp digger need to know idle jet size ?
  9. C

    best drive chain size?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide what pitch chain to use on my trail cat. I'm pretty sure it was #35 org,But it seams to me that #40 would me more suited to the weight of an adult rider and increased power output, Any thoughts? Steve.
  10. B

    Alexander Reynolds hars tail and soft tail seat size

    I'm redoing 2 acro's 1 is a hard tail and 1 is a soft tail. The hard tail came with the incorrect seat and the soft tail I only have the brackets. Does anyone know the proper length of seat I need to get for both? Just want atop get the as close to what they should be without guessing. Thanks Bryce
  11. WrenchDad

    Physical size of gemini SST80 vs. SScat50

    I have a question on actual size of the Gemini SST80 vs. the SScat (saxonette 50). My soon to be 14yro son is looking to up grade to a bigger bike. Ihave the opportunity to pick up a Gemini SST 80 for $350 but if it's not bigger in size than the SScat it wont do me any good.
  12. T

    Chain size help, no half links available.

    On my carter kart, I'm installing the new chain , had to shorten it but I realized I prob need a half link. Of course for the RLV extreme performance chain they don't make them. So, if I adjust the jackshaft to take out some slack, the driven pulley will move affecting the belt for the 40...
  13. R

    Replacement tube size?

    The tire and tube I have are Ardan, 12.5/4.50-6. What size tube do I need?
  14. jeep4me

    Tote Gote Mini-Gote belt size

    I sold my tote gote mini gote a while back and just yesterday I got a call from the new owner. He said he loves the bike, but wants to get a replacement belt for it. I believe the belt that was on it was the original one. While I had it and rode it I noticed the belt was slowly...
  15. M

    What size clutch brake do I need?

    Hi all, Looking for some info on what size clutch brake band to go with. I measured my clutch drum at 4.25" diameter and not sure how to size the band. Here is a pic of my 400x. Thanks.
  16. diggers

    Need HELP!!! What size is this Tecumseh motor

    Hello have a Sears/tecumseh motor and need help with cross reference to find out what size hp it is the numbers are 143 644032 serial# 3234B . Any help would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:
  17. C

    Chain size?

    I need to know what type of chain I have, it is excactly .5 inches wide and .5 inches tall Any ideas??:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  18. S

    Rear wheel spacer size?

    Does anyone know the size of the two spacers used on the rear wheel? I figured I would make them myself but im having a hard time finding their size. Mainly the length. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. leafvillage

    brake puck size

    I posted about this before on the brakes of my mini bike. Is there a way to tell what size brake pucks I need without taking them apart? I took a few photos, thanks
  20. B

    Sprocket size help

    Hi guy Just got a Baja doodle with a predictor hemi 6.5 hp. The mini has a 72 inch sprocket on the rest. The bike got tons of torque but ar half to 3/4 speed sakes like hell. I like to cruse atound 20 mph but it's shakie there . Can I switch to a smaller rear sprocket to get the rpm down some...