1. james ackerman

    Spoke with Joe Deboever of CCS!!!

    So I called and talked to Joe Deboever the son of Norm Deboever the owner of the company that owned Central Cycle Supply. We spoke briefly about the company and the bikes they produced. He seemed like a busy guy but did say he was willing to dig up info that the company may still have...
  2. B

    Wanted: Mint TabLoc rear wheel with brake hub and drum. 5 Spoke STYLE

    Hello, I am looking for a TabLoc rear wheel with brake drum and hub. 5 spoke style. looking for one in really nice condition. Please PM me. Thx. Appreciate any help or leads as well. Thanks, Greg
  3. 125ccCrazy

    Astro 5 spoke or Trail Horse round spoke wheel

    looking for a 6" Astro wheel or TH round spoke wheel... no cracks or chunks missing..
  4. j57little

    Rup 12" front - 28 spoke hub

    Looking for a Rupp 12-inch wheel hub and brake. I need the less common 28 spoke version. Thanks, Jack
  5. thejoker

    Ruttman original five spoke wheels fs

    $175 plus shipping. Pm me your number for pictures. Photo gallery is under construction.
  6. james ackerman

    Wtb. San remo 10 inch 20 spoke hubs and rims.

    Looking for replacement hubs and rims 10 inch 20 spoke San remo. Preferably exelent condition for a restoration .
  7. james ackerman

    Ccs ram charger 20 spoke wheel grimeca???

    I have a 20 spoke hub with rim that looks like it has grimeca brake plates but I can't find any markings on the plate the hubs or the rims. I'm looking for information and possibly replacements for the restore I'm doing. I can't find any info on 10 inch 20 spoke wheels.
  8. ClipperBuggy

    Fox Spoke Wheels

    Need Fox Spoke Wheels (street scamp, trail Tramp, Campus FX... -Also looking for Fox luggage rack -Clutch guard single or two speed
  9. ClipperBuggy

    Rims to fit a Fox Spoke Wheel Bike

    Has anyone tried using these rims on a FOX spoke wheel series bike? Street Scamp, Trail Tramp, Campus FX, Trail FX... https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/10-Steel-Wheel-Chrome-Plated-Less-Bearings.html fits, original spacer and drive cog work?
  10. ClipperBuggy

    Fox Spoke Wheel Parts

    Looking for: Fox Spoke Wheel series parts. 2.5x10 Spoke wheel rims Full Front Fork Spacer: (Between wheel and disk/sprocket) Brake Switch Tail Light Socket Tecumseh HS40 Flywheel & Coil New Kick Stand Spring NOS reflectors Correct Telescopic Rear Shocks Fox Clutch Guard, Scamp or FX style...
  11. Peekster

    10 Inch Rupp Spoke wheels

    Looking for a nice set of 10in Rupp spoke wheels. Whos got some Thanks
  12. C

    10" spoke front rim with drum brake

    10" spoke front rim with drum brake complete $40. Just joined today as I'm looking for some parts and have some to sell I'm new here but been selling on eBay for 15 years 100% positive feedback
  13. Hank69

    WTB 10", 24 spoke rim for FOX Sprite

    Hey I'm looking for 2 good used or new rims for 10" tires, I would be interested in steels if the price is right but would prefer 24 spoke set. Aaron
  14. Bob Gaudette

    Wanted rupp front hub 28 spoke

    Looking for a Rupp front wheel hub 28 spoke for 12 inch rim.
  15. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB nice 12" rupp blackwidow 28 spoke front wheel

    Like the title says i am looking for a nice 12" rupp blackwidow 28 spoke front wheel. Wheel/hub/spokes needs to be excellent/nice/decent...don't care about tire conditon if there is one on the rim. Thanks, Paul
  16. 125ccCrazy

    harrison 500 wildcat witf ramemounted tank, wide tri spoke wheels,new tires, new s

    wildcat 500 frame with tank, new tires, new seat, jackshaft assem, tri star wheels. most everything to make it a roller including a 7hp Tec that will need assembled with all new parts.., $700 comes and gets it, no shipping. also have a rebuilt bonanza, mx tank and seat,,painted teal pearl...
  17. Briggster

    Wheel identification

    Any idea what these are? Thanks for your expertise! The spoke design is slightly different on this one. It's a bit flatter spoke than the red wheel.
  18. DBMonster85

    ruttman 5 spoke rear wheel needed

    like the title says I nedd a 5 spoke ruttman rear wheel with or without sprocket. I'm looking for the original not a repop. I have a original lil indian 4 mag that I would like to trade for the 5 spoke and can add a little cash if need be. thanks
  19. Sunset5523

    Looking for 12" spoke rim

    Pm please. Ty
  20. markus

    new (sort of) 10" spoke wheels and street tires package

    10" spoke wheels front and rear. Technically this is new stuff, but sat has some damaged chrome. Tires are Cheng Shin "highway" 3.50x10" street tread rear wheel is a San Remo (italy) 20 spoke with 40/41 sprocket, the chrome is pretty nice on that one few small spots but very presentable...