1. oldsledz

    Sport king bike

    My Sport king bike was delivered today, I found it on Craigslist the add said good condition and that is what I was told on the phone. Well over all it is in good condition but the tires are completely junk. It uses the same tires as the ElBurro and I have one spare...
  2. BaggerHD

    were to find Tecumseh 10HP power sport

    looking to buy a new Tecumseh 10 HP Formula Horizontal Engine. power sport. do you know what shops that might have one. need one for my Super Bronc Thanks Steve
  3. W

    my coleman sport 2.40 (sorta)

    oh and my xr70
  4. Attex Sport 5.3 Ad

    Attex Sport 5.3 Ad

    Attex Sport 5.3 Ad
  5. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza and All Sport Wheeltra Craigslist

    Check em out ,Looks like a complete bonanza 75.00 or best ,Also take a look at this beast All sport Wheeltra. Grand Rapids Michigan Motorcycle section of craigslist.
  6. george3

    tecumsem 3.5 power sport engine need info.

    tecumsem 3.5 power sport engine need info. dont know where to look. need the bearing on the flywheel side. need to find what bearing it is. where do I find out this info.
  7. Parliament

    Differences between the 5hp Power Sport and the 6hp Power Sport?

    Why are there three holes(dipstick and two for adding oil) for oil on the 5hp and only one on the 6hp? Also, my 5hp was born in 2006 and the 6hp was born in 95/96. Is there much difference in the engines because of that fact?
  8. T

    tecumseh 3.5 hp power sport engine

    i am leaking oil aroundthe crank shaft of the boys mini .can this seal be replaced without removing the side cover.i dont believe i can see it from the outside but i could be wrong.also would too much oil in the case cause the seal to leak he may have over filled the oil would draining off...
  9. Gear_Jammer

    Trail Sport TSB-600

    This is NOT my bike - I found it on the Dallas Craigslist. If it's in good shape then it's a hell of a deal considering he asking about 40% of what it retails for online. I thought I'd pass it on in case anyone was looking for one. Selling Trail Sport Mini Bike
  10. R

    Where to get Main Jets for a Tecumseh 6.5 power sport motor?

    I need other # main jets for my engine. My only mods are a UNI filter and a 1" diameter / 12" long custom header and I know its gonna get lean. Any help on where to get jets would be great...Thanks
  11. Coleman Sport 2.40

    Coleman Sport 2.40

    Coleman Sport 2.40