1. GeoffreyBlaze54

    "Stock" Class Flathead Kart Engine

    I have a stock class Briggs Flathead Kart engine for sale. has modified carb and straight pipe header. race ready engine minus air filter adapter, oil, and fuel. Other than that its good to go. $130 SHIPPED anywhere in the Continental US Phone: (812)-364-6767 [Ask for Blaise] Phone hours...

    Stock Doodlebug question

    Is the centrifugal clutch sprocket facing in or out on a stock doodle bug? Thanks.
  3. LSCustoms

    DoodleBug DB30S stock parts, and some new parts

    Selling a few stock parts off my project... DB30S... also selling a couple of parts i purchased but cannot use, as the rims bolt pattern is different... if shipping is easier without the tires, am taking those off, the front is ok, the rear needs to be replaced, but have a new street tire for it...
  4. Bam3hunnit

    stock ruixing

    Will this carb work on the predator 212
  5. I

    honda/clone 6.5 stock carb

    just as the tittle says honda/clone 6.5 carb. was bought for 50 bucks you can purchase it for $15.00 plus shipping. o ya its NEW i do believe never used out of california moneyorder prefered for this one i might paypal or other forms of payments click on pics to make them bigger
  6. C

    Gx200/clone stock appearing best bang for the $$$?

    Plan on building/& or getting built a stock appearing motor running a stock bore greyhound with a .175 arc stroker kit 356 lift cam. Wanting more power!
  7. trailhopper

    Stock and Mod Bajas

    Haha made ya look. :laugh: Yellow is stock and the purple is my Mod. Made by AMF 1970's.
  8. bandit 40

    6.5 Huayi stock carb

    Im in the need of this carb prefer brand new take off , but will consider used :thumbsup:. Thanks Mark
  9. 2

    GX390 stock parts

    Doing an engine build and have these items from my motor All are right off the engine that I bought brand new. I have the gas tank with cap, carb, piston rod, camshaft, flywheel with fan, complete exhaust, and intake complete with air filter. Let me know what you need and we can go from...
  10. minibikedude

    Pictures please of the Stock 5hp Briggs throttle

    I picked up a Bonanza that has a nice clean 5hp Briggs. I did a search to find how the stock minibike return throttle linkage should be set up on here. Not having good luck finding it, Can someone post some pictures. I think the on my engine is not set up correctly. Need some pictures of how...
  11. L

    new 94ss cam and arc stock length rod for 5hp fh briggs

    I decided to postpone my Briggs fh build and mod a predator I just bought. I never used the cam or rod but the rod needs new bearings because they are scratched from moving around in the box over the years. The rod is fine. Don't have any feedback here yet but I have plenty on
  12. L

    question about stock fh rod

    I decided to just reinstall my stock rod/piston and use my Briggs like that until I get the money for a proper fuel system for my mods (Tilly and nice fuel tank) and my billet flywheel so my question is can I just reinstall the stock rod/piston with the same rod bolts that were originally on...
  13. B

    What oil are you using in your stock doodlebug engine?

    I'm using Shell Rotella T Triple Protection Full Synthetic Diesel Oil 10w30. Its got great wear protection according to shell's website. I just started using this oil, having switched from Royal Purple. Before that it was Walmart Supertech oil. Curious what others use in their 98cc Lifan...
  14. L

    5hp i/c stock piston limit?

    Does anyone know what is the stock piston rpm or power limit? I'm thinking of using the stock piston with new rings from my Briggs with the arc stock length rod and 94ss cam I have but I'm wondering if it can handle the increased rpm and power. It had great compression, didn't burn oil and the...
  15. minibikin'

    GX200 Box stock project with billet flywheel

    Engine started as this... Box Stock U-Build-It Engine Kit ARC DJ-1005 Has a billet flywheel and CL-1 Dyno cam added. less than 1 hour run time on everything. I'm guessing 10hp? $275 plus shipping
  16. Plunder

    Predator 212 just over stock build

    I'm new to this section so if I'm not doing it right, let me know. Hent, I read the sticky. I thought it might be fun to build a mini bike, as a hobby. I was right. Here are some results from the last three weeks of my efforts. I could talk in-depth about any of it, if you have questions...
  17. FloridaMiniBikes

    Stock Doodle Bug Project. Melbourne FL

    Stock lime green doodle bug, has been sitting awhile, probably needs carb work etc, but is an excellent candidate for the engine upgrade. Back tire a lil worn to one side. As Is, Local pickup only, $150. I have a Briggs 5hp stock go cart engine I can toss in for an additional $50, or a Tecumseh...
  18. M

    stock motors for drag racing

    i wanna get ideas of motors i can use for my future drag mini bike so can anyone post pics of stock motors that can be good for racing
  19. U

    WTB: stock Doodlebug gas tank.

    Like the title says...I need a stock tank for this 97cc motor. Let me know what you got. Thanks! Chris
  20. Txpowdercoater

    WTB stock gas tank and air cleaner 13hp honda

    Like the title says, I want a stock gas tank that sits on top and the stock air filter set up for this 13 hp motor. I figured someone might have it available after an upgrade and I want to put this motor on my tiller so stock stuff is a-ok with me and preferred actually. Thanks so much...