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  1. X


    so im new to mini bikes and am looking to buying one. I have been looking at the ct100u and the cc100x. But they have no front suspension.(i dont really care for suspension in the rear). and i found this...
  2. M

    Wanted bonanza swing arm and lower forks

    I have a bonanza bc 1100 that I want to convert with a swing arm. Also, I need lower forks, springs, and retaining nut for front suspension.
  3. gwoods27

    WTB Trail Horse full suspension frame

    Looking for a Trail Horse full suspension roller or full minibike.
  4. WillyBoy4343

    MTD Columbia build issues Please help

    Hey guys I’ve just got into the older mini bikes scene and decided to pick up an old MTD Columbia bike, don’t know too much about it but I have some questions. So in the first picture is the top I’m assuming of one of the front fork arms and I can’t quite figure out what that bent piece on the...
  5. B

    WTB suspension Trailhorse frame

    Figured I'd see if any one out there has a suspension Trailhorse frame..I have 2 non suspension frame I was going to try and convert
  6. drenchedgremlin

    are these taco suspension?

    i found some random mini bike stuff. Was wondering if these are most likely taco suspension?
  7. O

    Added a little suspension to the seat of my CU200T

    I actually lifted this idea from a woman on YouTube. She bought a bobber seat kit and added it to her CU200T. I just changed it up a bit and think it works better. She used the two holes in the cross bar where the rear of the seat is attached. I thought it would be better to have the springs at...
  8. capguncowboy

    MTD Trail bike forks (leading front end suspension)

    I bought these to use on frankenbike, but never got around to it. The top triple tree has a few extra holes, but the forks are in otherwise great condition.No shocks included with the sale. I think it's the original fork bolt, and it's included. The lower bolts are the wrong size and are just...
  9. R

    Coleman 200 Seat Suspension...Installed

    I put this together about a month ago. Works well, especially off road in bumpy areas...Replaced original base with 3/4" plywood, bolted 2 valve springs to it with fender washers and lock nuts on the back side, bent a right angle in a 6" T hinge for the front and added a piece of 1/2" plywood...
  10. danford1

    Wanted: Front suspension for a 71-76 Rupp.

    I'm looking for a complete front suspension for a 71 to 76 Rupp, Enduro, Black Widow, Roadster2, Scrambler or Hustler. They all had the same front suspension on them... I need the triple tree, fork tubes, springs - everything. Let me know what you have, what condition it is in and how much you...
  11. rbink455

    Full frame, full suspension alsport

    Looking for a full frame Alsport, any condition. Willing to trade a running ts8 alsport with a newer 420cc 13hp engine and disk brake. Located in south Michigan, willing to travel!
  12. Daniel Coop

    In search of original ARCO Easyrider suspension seat and shocks

    Frantically trying to hunt down an original Alexander Reynolds Easyrider suspension seat and shocks for my stretched rat bike/resto-mod. Thanks to J Ackerman (an OldMiniBikes forum member) I now have the original frame mounted gas tank. Also searching for re-production decals if anyone can help...
  13. Rupp_It_Up

    Triple tree / Front Suspension upgrade - Speedway

    I'm upgrading my Speedway Green Horn front suspension to a real hydraulic suspension and wanted to know if there's an aftermarket pit bike setup that I could retrofit. The main issue is that the fork is secured to the steering neck with a 1/2" bolt going thru nylon bearings and all of the pit...
  14. Not so mini bike

    Full suspension speedway roller

    Like it says up there. Looking for a roller in good shape. Let me know what y'all got.
  15. V

    anyone. rear suspension doodle bug

    anyone have a rear swing arm suspension doodlebug i already converted the front to motovox mb11 forks with doodlebug bars.
  16. Not so mini bike

    Full suspension Trail Horse roller

    This roller has great patina. Fork decal is there. Original parts except wheel sprocket, jackshaft, gears and band brake. Oh and obviously the kickstand. Slap on a engine and throttle cable and go. I'm shuffling things around and this is in the way. $450 Will ship but it's big and heavy so...
  17. F

    mini bike suspension for coleman ct200u

    I would like to put some shocks or springs on my bike to ease the ride..would anyone know of something to do with the fork and what to do with the seat?? Thanks to all.. Fred
  18. M

    MTD / Columbia Trail Flite SS400 Front Suspension

    I recently got my whole bike painted in a booth about 3 weeks ago. My suspension has been making a horrible screech and just not functioning properly since the bike was painted. As you can see the paint is chipping off (pics below), am I supposed to lubricate it or something? Any help is...
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