1. S

    weird Taco 44 serial #

    I have a Taco 44 with the serial # on the engine plate top and bottom and does not have the usual date code the steering neck has been reinforced like a Zebra anyone seen these?
  2. drenchedgremlin

    Thinking about buying a few rollers, would love some suggestions on this deal

    Hello, so I havent posted in at least a few years. I had a taco 22, & the similar "zebra" that i was planning to work on back then, but life got crazy so i sold them. Now i kind of wish i could go back & slap myself in the face for that. I am so regretful that it hurts, but i did make some money...
  3. S

    Original Taco Handlebars For Sale

    I have a set of original Taco Handlebars in great shape for sale. They came off a Taco ST-100. $50 + shipping. Having trouble posting pics here on this site, so PM me your e-mail address & I'll send you pics.
  4. markus

    TRADE: NOS 5" Eliminator (Taco) tires for NOS 5" Good year studded

    I have a set of eliminators and a set of DIH Carlisle 4.10 3.50 5" Taco used both styles some times they mixed (eliminator on the front/Carlisle in the back) Willing to trade (however you wanted matching set or one of each) for same sized 4.10 3.50 5" Good Year studded or Firestone's...
  5. hotrodricky

    5" Taco wheels -- Ruttman also?

    #1 I recently picked up a Ruttman, it appears to have Taco wheels. The rear wheel had what looked to be factory sprocket and factory spacers. Is this factory? #2 Examining the 5" wheels one wheel (front) has 4 plain ribs, the other wheel(rear) has the 4 ribs but mid point of the rib (or...
  6. Rupp 72

    Picked up a Taco!

    Got this 1968 Taco 99 judging by the serial number, and the 359th one made so pretty early in production for the year. What engine would this have? I know a briggs, but what HP? What model? Also what does a halfway decent era correct engine cost? (not looking for a quote per the rules of OldMiniBikes...
  7. M

    Wanted TACO 22

    I want a taco 22 roller reproduction or vintage doesn't matter Call or text (619)852-6693
  8. Eliminator

    Pretty sure it's a TACO 22 frame?

    Rescued this yesterday while picking up the front end for a Boonie bike.. A bit crusty but still very solid. Hard to read the numbers but believe it says 7P2180. Poking around I see they say it's a 1967 TACO 22 on a site that had serial numbers. Am I correct? Does that side stand look correct...
  9. Zooming993

    1967 Taco 22 Project

    My 67 Taco 22 project is just about done. I haven't decided on a color so I'm leaving it raw for now. I purchased the frame & forks from a fellow member along with the NOS 5" wheels. I also purchased a new seat and a few other items from Taco (Joe). I also rebuilt the West Bend 580, new...
  10. cruhr1

    Taco Ceriani shocks

    Looking for a set of the Ceriani shocks used on the Taco T100. Let me know what have. Thanks-Chad
  11. tacobender

    2 69 taco 44 projects

    almost done- just finishing brake spacing and brackets:scooter:
  12. tacobender

    taco brake cable clevis for 44

    looking for the attaching cable clevis for an taco 44 attaches cable to brake arm( 2 pieces) will take 2 if anyone has any- restoring to late model 44's
  13. T

    Taco Shocks

    Looking for a pair of original taco rear shocks for a '67 taco 44 restoration project. Thanks, Tom
  14. Zooming993

    The Heart of my 67 Taco 22

    I'm one big step closer to finishing my Taco 22. I rebuilt this 580, new rings, bearings, seals, gaskets, fresh paint, 5 Port intake, new Reed muffler, velocity stack and the last but not least a Taco clutch cover. Installed a NOS WB fuel tank along with an original WB mounting bracket.
  15. Taco seat

    Taco seat

    Taco glitter seat
  16. Taco seat

    Taco seat

    Taco glitter seat
  17. Taco seat

    Taco seat

    Taco glitter seat
  18. james ackerman

    Taco st100

    Just throwing this out to see if there's any interest don't really wanna sell it but could use the money to fund other projects. More info and photos upon request. Asking 600.
  19. T

    What is correct re. Cherry Brake Levers, Taco 44, 1967

    1967 Taco 44. What is the correct Cherry Brake Lever. One picture is a riveted lever with the handle bar bolts threaded into the lever (no nuts). It also has a circled R stamped into the bracket. The other picture is an original 1967 Taco 44. All using nuts and bolts. Is the riveted...
  20. Von Zipper

    Taco frijole frame strength

    I have seen many of you build new frijoles. Is the design of the frame weak enough that you would regret putting a 140cc Honda clone shifter engine in it? I'm dreaming about something for next years' build off if there is one. :)