1. J

    Rupp Decals for Ruppster, Roadster, Sprint

    I have some NOS and repro Rupp decals: $8 each, plus S&H: Live It Up Rupp - 5 available #16447 Ruppster Body / Side Decals, 8” long - 5 available 1973 ROADSTER II Gastank Decal, 6.5” long - 2 available $10 each, plus S&H: Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Decal, 5.25” long - 2 available $5...
  2. B

    Rupp TC-1 re assembly

    I'm trying to put a TC-1 back together and my belts keep getting shredded. Which one of the three holes on the the fixed ramp do I use for the spring?
  3. j57little

    TC-1 Service

    I am not an expert on TC-1 torque converters or any torque converter, but I have one that was working well, but now does not. The driven side is flopping pretty loose. I think I may have lost my pre load. The driver also seems to be an issue. The weights aren't coming out as freely as they...
  4. j57little

    Rupp Roadter 2 TC-1 Spacer

    I have an original restored TC-1 driver and HS40 engine for a 1971 Roadster 2. I noted that there is a spacer between the engine seal and inner disk. I have all the other components. Can anyone tell me the thickness and OD of the spacer for a TC-1 that goes between the side cover/seal and the...
  5. j57little

    71 Rupp Roadster2 Driver - TC-1 Front End

    Looking for a TC-1 driver side for a 71 Rupp Roadster2. May consider a driver side and driven side if the deal is right.
  6. j57little

    Rupp Roadster TC-1 Torque Converter (driven side)

    The rusty hulk that I'm starting with is so bad that I cannot tell what part is what. The driven side bearings had come out of the housing and the entire area was rusted out. So today I received some parts and I was hoping to find out if I had this assembled correctly. I'm especially...
  7. Iron Honky

    Original tc-1 off a roadster 2

    I have a used but complete original tc-1 with belt. Cover is cracker though but still good for a rider with some fixing up. Asking $100 obo.
  8. capguncowboy

    Rupp TC-1 (Fairbanks Morse) Driver

    I actually just need the inner flange if anyone has one. The one on my Roadster is worn all the way through the face. I'm not in a hurry, but I'll need it soon.
  9. Jamie1972

    Rupp TC-1 Primary clutch complete

    Rupp TC-1 Primary drive complete unit in good working condition w/hardware. 60.00+10.00shp. Thanks!
  10. S

    Need information on the two different Rupp TC-1 covers

    Can someone help me on the difference lengths/sizes between the 70' and 71' - 72' TC-1 covers? I found a thread that mentions 13 1/2" overall length but they didn't know which one it was for, the 70' or 71'. Are the lengths the only difference or are the widths different also? Thanks.
  11. markus

    Rupp TC-1 cover

    Its 13 1/2" long overall (cant remember if thats for the 1970 or the '71 up bikes) It is a fiberglass repro cover, with original decals installed on it. Holes pre drilled, but its never been officially mounted/used. Has some shelf wear on it from bouncing around the shop for quite some time...
  12. Mr.GhettoRig

    need some info on the TC-1

    I need a little help making sure my TC-1 drive unit will work properly.. first of all, I know their supposed to run on a 3in. shaft.. well mine is around 2-1/4.. have to measure it again.. the bolt I was given with the tc-1 was the wrong thread, so I went to home depot and got myself one with...
  13. clutch


    had to take a pic of it for an OldMiniBikes member
  14. gpxsrxracer

    Rupp Primary clutch TC-1 wanted

    Looking for a complete TC-1 Rupp primary clutch for my 71 Roadster. Also a nice secondary clutch as well. Primary clutch I need for sure! :thumbsup: