top speed

  1. STRICK9

    New Vitacci Mudstar 200

    Hi all, just got my first mini bike — so new I have yet to ride it. Some questions for y’all since I bet you have the knowledge. Please humor me: - top stock speed (I’m 200 lbs) - Governor - is it adjustable//removable? - If yes, what kind of top speed can I expect - Exhaust mods...
  2. M

    Top speed much lower after TAV install

    Predator 212 Stock w/ straight pipe and performance filter 420 chain with 54 tooth rear sprocket This TAV I recently added the TAV and my top speed went way down. Is this due to gearing? Do I need to go down in rear sprocket tooth count? I chatted with someone at OldMiniBikes and they have a...
  3. CJdoodlebug90

    Tav2 gear speed

    Ok so i have a drag mini bike...15hp with a tav2 12t. After install i know i need stiffer springs all around. I still have stock doodlebug rear sprocket (70t). To get more top speed would i go up in rear sprocket size or down? I plan on running bike in the 1/8 and before i installed tav2 i...
  4. CJdoodlebug90

    Gear ratio for 1/8 drag?

    I estimate im making around 11hp..I know thats not alot but its just a start. Right now I have a 15 tooth clutch with a 70 tooth sprocket. What rear sprocket would give me max top speed in 1/8 mile? My weight is 215lbs
  5. CJdoodlebug90

    Jackshaft questions

    Ok i have a modded preadator on a mtd trail flite...which is somewhat like a rupp. Mini bike has a jackshaft setup and when i got bike i had to restore it so didnt know the exact gear ratio. So...the ratio i have now is: 12th clutch, 14th jackshaft to 10th, and 60th rear sprocket. When im...
  6. Aldovino

    Coleman CT200U Vs Motovox MBX10

    I am soon going to be buying another mini bike, I just sold my MBX10 and it was a GREAT bike, It reached maybe around 35mph without any mods. So I am considering the Coleman CT200u, it has 4 more horsepower a but has a top speed of 20 mph? Does anybody know why this??? I want to buy it because...
  7. Aldovino

    Motovox MBX10 Top speed

    I unscrewed the governor half way last night and I was flying down the road; it felt like I was going 35+ I was wondering if this is bad for the engine to overide the governor like that... I have a lot more engine to go, it can be unscrewed a lot more, and I was just wondering the top speeds...