1. Not so mini bike

    Looking for a trike

    Vintage trike. Not one of the smaller ones. Would love for it to be local but a drive is ok to. Let me know what's out there.
  2. Z

    What Gas Tank for Tote Gote Trike?

    I have a Tote Gote 503 Trike. When I got it it didn't have a gas tank. Does anyone have pictures of the gas tank so that I can fab something up that looks very close to original. Thanks in advance!
  3. B

    Photo of Barris trike clutch cover.

    Hello, Hoping someone may have a photo of the clutch cover for a George Barris trike? Need it for reference, appreciate any help possible. Please use if you have photo. Thank you, Greg D Bayside NY
  4. nds1968

    Wards Trike

    Not mine.....
  5. ugmold

    1970 Easy Rider Trike

    Just saw this on my local CL, not mine.. 1970 easy rider 100% original minibike
  6. Jamie1972

    Lil S.O.B trike (roller)

    Trike for sale in State college , Pa area... Good shape. Needs rear tires. 250.00 Can't load photo. Pm email or text number for picture
  7. markus

    Comette Chopper Trike!

    Seeing a Comette mini bike is a rarity in itself, but how about a factory built Trike version of the Comette III :ohmy: Yes, this was posted in the craigslist section last week, I knew someone that was in that area that is chopper crazy and texted him that it might be worth...
  8. D

    MTD Trike project

    Here is my before picture of my Craigslist find. It's an unknown year MTD Columbia that's been modified to have a go kart rear end NO brakes! and a 125cc 5spd engine off a Honda dirt bike. This thing is setup currently as a drift trike but I plan on somewhat restoring it to normal. Obviously I'm...
  9. heavygs

    Rupp Trike

    Cincinnati Craigs- Vintage Rupp Trike $250
  10. capguncowboy

    Heald Trike

    I told people at Windber that my little brother and brother-in-law weren't mini bike guys, but that I'd convert them. Apparently, they're into trikes though! My little brother picked up a Trisport from Brown Boonie before we left Windber and my brother-in-law was searching for one. I found...
  11. Phil1958

    Wanted: Trike

    got to buy the wife a trike. what do you have? how much? where is it? send pics. thanks, phil :thumbsup:
  12. chicodafreako

    vintage goodies. mtd mini an alsport trike and go kart frame

    In the detroit area go kart frame mini bike alsport trike
  13. 20160618_174536


  14. jackeo21

    Tru-Test Trike!

    Oh look! Another one of them "Tru-Test" minibikes! Hey all, After selling my pride and joy bike recently, I am able to begin work on another project I have been contemplating for a long time now. A classic styled, rat-rod minibike drift trike! Bit of a mouthful if you ask me, so i'll have...
  15. 125ccCrazy

    Need some input on repairing this Alsport trike fiberglass body..

    I chipped all the plastic shell off the glass inner because the body was busted up and the plastic was all cracked... so after I get all the plastic chipped off the fiberglass has a covering of dry hairs that didn't get saturated with resin, so DA-ing those off was the first step...but now I can...
  16. Snowco Trike

    Snowco Trike

    Cut frame to fit the youngsters, 6.5hp electric start Predator, triple reduction drive with torque converter, Gecko green. Wheelie bar needed after 1st test ride! Restricted to 16mph maximum.
  17. chicodafreako

    trike roller for sale

    It needs help. Seat is cracked mostly gone. Back tires dryrotted but still holding air. Front wheel needs replaced. Needs engine,clutch,chain and wheel and throttle cable. Has brakes that work on it.
  18. CaptNugget

    Selling: 1970s Alsport Tri-Sport RTS - (frame, seat, 250 snowmobile motor)

    Selling a Alsport Tri-Sport RTS It's a project.. Frame, seat, and 250 snowmobile motor Need to fund other projects and make a little room. I have 2 of the RTS's to restore so I thought I'd let one go Located in Peru, il I'm asking $350 Obo .. I am negotiable I'd also trade for a trike...
  19. RTS motor

    RTS motor

  20. RTS