USHIP price quotes

    How many of you have successfully used uship???????????? Before I bought my Super Bronc there was a guy in the San Francisco Bay area with several on Fleabay. I signed up with uship to see what it might cost to ship it across the states, almost coast to coast. Now the auction was a Buy...
  2. Midyrman

    Transport / Shipping Company

    Other than Uship are there any other reliable and reasonably priced ones out there? Thanks. Tom
  3. capguncowboy


    Has anyone used Uship's service? Would anyone be willing to share their experience? And about what you paid?
  4. G


    Just wondering has anyone used uShip on a CL or Ebay purchase, how was it?
  5. joekd

    Uship, are they serious?!?!?

    I posted an ad on Uship for a bare frame from CT to MI, Greyhound is under $50, Fedex and UPS are around $80 I got back 3 bids on uship -$400 -$428 and -$236 Not only are those quotes ridiculous but the first bid didn't even come back for 6 days! Suddenly I realize why I dont hear...