1. WrenchDad

    Vintage ? yes.... No, what is it

    This is the only picture I have. it's a CL bike obviously its been beat but any one know what it is. do you think it can be straightened? can you find original parts?
  2. OND

    Vintage Briggs & Stratton Engine ID Help

    Can someone tell me the year a hp on this little Briggs engine ? Model 92502 Type 3105 01 Code 85020706 :rolleyes:
  3. oldsledz

    Large Vintage Snowmobile show Midland MI

    If you are in the Mid Michigan area this weekend there is a large vintage snowmobile show in Midland MI. Friday and Saturday Aug 7 & 8
  4. 6

    1982 Dodge Rampage trade for nice vintage original mini bike!! heres your new hauler!

    I have a decent 1982 Dodge Rampage im willing to trade for a nice original vintage mini.IT is the red one, Rampage has newer clutch,carb, & shifter. Great runner but needs brakes. Its been sitting for 2 years, brake pedal was soft so I tryed to bleed front calipers but broke both bleeder screws...
  5. chrisr

    1981 emmick arrow 3 swindwinder vintage cart

    looks like a nice go cart. 1982 GL 1100 & 1981 EMMICK ARROW 3 SWINDWINDER VINTAGE CART
  6. Tim Wilson

    Vintage dual sport

    I have several trail scooters awaiting restoration, including the twister that has been chilling in the project logs. None of them have gotten much attention because I've been working on this. It's a 79 Honda XL500S. I bought it about 8 months ago and it's ready to rip. The body work is not...

    Vintage original Fox Doodle Bug on the Bay.

    :eek: Just a heads-up if people are interested. Vintage Fox Doodle Bug Mini Bike Running Original Condition Ruttman Lil Indian | eBay
  8. T

    Vintage Taylor Spark Arrester Muffler -

    For sale is a real nice Taylor muffler The muffler is used and has a bit of rust measures approx 7" long and has a 1 3/8" bolt spacing. This muffler would look be fine for restoration vintage mini bike or go kart. My uncle was helping me and my brother restore our mini-bike from the 60's and...
  9. jeep4me

    Portland, IN Vintage Motor Club Swap Meet 2015

    Just curious if anyone is going (or already there). I spoke to smallbikes88 and he's already there. I'm planning on going down on Thursday morning early. But being the first time, what should I expect as far as entry fee, parking, riding minibikes, etc?? Thanks!! 43rd Annual Vintage Motor Club...
  10. Acolytus

    Vintage Enduros

    Hey guys, I know this is not necessarily about "mini bikes", but it's still resembles them in a way. Sooner or later I'm looking into buying a vintage enduro bike of some type. I want a vintage bike for a few reasons: 1) They are very durable and they were practically made to be bulletproof. 2)...
  11. Acolytus

    1969 Manco Delta One Chopper almost ready to ride!

    Well I got some good news today! I finally found a motor that will fit on my chopper (even though it's newer) and it runs great! The engine is from a Baja Warrior (196cc) and pushing 6.5 HP I believe. I put a Predator 212cc recoil start on it and started it up! I need to get the right air filter...
  12. Acolytus

    1969 Manco Delta One Chopper progress!

    Today my friend and I assembled my 1969 Manco Delta One chopper! Yeah I did put some scratches on the bike and maybe it's missing a simple washer somewhere, but it's solid and not gonna fall apart. For my first restoration, it's not a bad job for a 17 year old. All it needs is a motor and other...
  13. jeep4me

    Rat Bike Vintage Steering Wheel

    Never seen one of these actually put on a minibike, but you could be the first to do so. Nice vintage 14" steering wheel, with white rubber coating. Chrome is good. Rubber is slightly marked up and is off white. Has a couple extra holes drilled. Probably for a steer assist knob. Asking $40...
  14. Acolytus

    Clinton engine help

    Well I'm looking for a motor to buy for my Manco Delta One Chopper and my buddy has this 3.5 HP Clinton engine that has NEVER been used- no gas or oil has ever been put into it. He wants to know more about it before he sells it to me like the price, rarity, parts, etc. Can anyone help me with...
  15. B

    1970 Taco 22 project

    Hi OldMiniBikes forum readers, I just finished up repainting my 1970 Taco 22. I bought it on craigslist for an amazing price of $100. It was black so I painted it with rustoleum metallic apple red spray paint. Unfortunately I didn't buy enough paint remover so I had to leave the forks black for now, but...
  16. G

    Vintage Air Compressor, Need a pressure switch

    I have a vintage air compressor made by the United Sates Air Compressor Company of Cleveland Ohio. The diaphragm in the pressure switch is leaking. I need to either fix the one I have or find a new one. I have the switch taken apart but cant see how the diaphragm is held in place. Anyone...
  17. Agombie

    THey say it is a Vintage Rupp. What is it?

    Craigslist find. Pictures are small. Does it look beyond repair. They are asking $75
  18. Stangrcr1

    2015 Build Off Results

    Congratulations to all the top vote getters listed here and thank you everyone that participated! Vintage: Bob Gaudette's Rupp MTTW: Yoop's Alsport Open: Jdogg's Bronco Scratch: Firemarshall71's Step Thru JFF: OND's Savage Great...
  19. O

    old electric minibike??

    Is this a vintage electric minibike or a newer one?
  20. jeep4me

    Cylindrical gas tank....3"x8.5"

    Selling a vintage 3" x 8.5" cylinder gas tank. Was on a two stroke vintage lawn mower. Inside is like new. Seals in the fuel shut off need to be replaced, leaks just a little. Not perfect, but pretty darn nice. Straps included. Asking $58 shipped. PayPal preferred.