1. L

    Just picked this up this past weekend

    I just picked this up this past saturday not quite sure on info as i can't find anything on it the back of the seat has small engine dist has an hs 40 engine on it looks to be pretty much all there and unrestored really runs good also does anyone have any info on this mini bike or know where i...
  2. cemk21

    Easter weekend riding

    This weekend I got to try out my mtd triflite after the new tires and seat thanks kenny and throttle. It runs and rides great. Even had my dad was out there riding, and he is 79 years old. He likes the trailsport.Thats the fun of having a few of them so everone can ride.:smile:
  3. Tomas

    My weekend score

    I picked up another 22 saturday but I'm glad I keept looking around the swapmeet or I might not have found this rim.
  4. Ratbike

    Swap Meet ,Lincoln Ne. This weekend

    Struck Gold LOL!!! $120 for...Trail Bronc,seat,Jr Drag racing slicks 8" rims, Kart racing slicks with rim, torque wrench, 10 grinding wheels,Two sets Harley handle bars,Harley handle grip and throttle grip. Like Christmas...LOL!!!:bowdown:
  5. Bonanza Bryan

    This Weekend Treated Me Well

    I got alot of stuff this weekend. I got 2 Tote gotes, 1 old doodle bug, a Bonanza BC 1000, a hacked up go cart, about five engines, a comet torque converter, five boxes of parts and lots more.
  6. shoe

    Picked this up for the garage last weekend

    Not really a tool but cool to have , uses cans ,, you can see how short it is ,, It works great ,, I am sure when my buds show up this summer it will be a hit
  7. maddcarson

    whos goin to the event this weekend

    the toys for tots is this weekend and i wanna see how many people are going before i go. i dont wanna show up and have it be a joke and no one is there or only like two or three people
  8. maddcarson

    buyin 11hp clone this weekend

    k so im going to harbor freight this weekend to buy the 11hp clone......its gunna take me a while to buy a clutch so i have time to talk about it and wat i should do to it....and keep in mind that this is a yard kart
  9. W

    Weekend Session

    Me and a couple of my car club friends went to Seth's house to work on his bus. I brought along my minibike and we took the time to goof off a little bit. First, here's Seth's minibike: (rides great, but a slight hint of squirreliness at top speed...felt like 30mph.) The seat is a wood...
  10. bayareaburrito

    Weekend Acquisition

    :thefinger:Picked this stuff up over the weekend:thefinger: This 3HP Briggs has never had gas in it. Buya!!
  11. Tom S.

    My Weekend Finds

    I posted this in the engines & mods section, too. Sorry if that's a bad thing. I'll try not to do it again. Was I lucky? Not sure yet. I brought home an edger, a rototiller and a reel lawnmower. The Cooper edger has a 3hp Briggs, date stamped 1971, and cost me ten bucks. The Ariens Super Jet...
  12. Tom S.

    My Weekend Finds

    Was I lucky? Not sure yet. I brought home an edger, a rototiller and a reel lawnmower. The Cooper edger has a 3hp Briggs, date stamped 1971, and cost me ten bucks. The Ariens Super Jet (great name!) rototiller and what I believe to be a GW Davis lawnmower were both free at an estate sale. The...
  13. smallbikes88

    Calling Ohio members for this weekend ride!

    Well my buddy owns 12 acres and we built a track out there. Its not the best track but alot of fun! If anyone who wants to ride wants to come and camp this saturday june 6th pm me and i will let you know exactly where we will be. Its right by the turnpike and there is lots of room to...
  14. ohman11

    Good Weekend

    I have got a bit more done on my Cat 400x and I picked up another pistol...Thought I would show some pics. My father in law has all kinds of land out by Hico Texas (where Billy The The Kid is from) so we have loaded up the truck, we are taking the Big Cat and the Baja and more guns than we know...
  15. markus

    Florida Flywheelers event this weekend

    This is the big "flea market" type event and tractor show that I have talked about before. Lots of vintage tractors, vintage stuff, and even minis here and there. You can drive you minibikes, small tractors on the grounds. I think some Floridians might be interested. I won't be attending...