1. thejoker

    Nos white super bronc fuel tank For sale

    $100 takes it. Can bring it to windber
  2. thejoker

    Nos white Tecumseh fuel tank For sale

    Nos white Tecumseh fuel tank with nos fuel gauge. $85 shipped. PayPal as gift or pay the fee.
  3. F

    Hello From White Trash Choppers

    New member here from PA. I build custom one-off choppers. I typically use 5HP Briggs motors with a Torq-A-Verter drive line. Looking forward to this site. I'll try to figure out how to post photos and will add them here. Tommy
  4. Briggster

    2017 White Knickle Scramble!!!! June 24th Norway, Il

    It's official! The 2017 White Knuckle Scramble is scheduled for June 24th in Norway, Illinois. If you haven't attended this event, you're seriously missing out. I've been to a lot of minibike events from Wisconsin to Texas, and this is the best road race in the Midwest! If you need any more...
  5. B

    Looking for white hs blower housing

    Looking for a stock white blower housing with original decals. Thanks
  6. J

    New trick! white wall ANY tire!!

    Okay i dont know how knew this is to anyone else but i just discovered a great way to whitewall any tire. Flex Seal BRITE! white of course. clean the tire well, and try to lay it on evenly but you can lay it on pretty thick it will lay down as it dries. but it leaves a nice white flexible...
  7. Not so mini bike

    White manco thunderbird gas tank.

    Like it says up there. I'd like a white one in good condition
  8. Jamie1972

    TrailHorse black and white foot leg covers.

    TrailHorse black or white foot peg covers. These are NEW/ HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION COVERS. Perfect for your restoration, survivor or daily rider bike. 42.50 shipped. 52.50 shipped.
  9. Woody212

    (Another) Tecumseh white engine paint option

    Tonight I was out looking for some of the Tecumseh white paint options listed here on other threads. Not finding any of those options in my 1 horse town :surrender:, I ran across this Rustoleum Appliance epoxy in "Biscuit" white from Lowes and gave it a shot. I know it may not work in the...
  10. C

    Tecumseh white engine paint...

    I've been reading posts about the correct white shade for the Tecumseh engine circa 1970 or so. After seeing that Duplicolor Dover white is a good choice, my question is, Does it hold up to the heat of running? Do most people that use it not plan on running the engine much? How does it hold up...
  11. H

    White Knuckle Scramble 2016 - LAST ONE

    Yes, we've decided this will be the last one we do. Lots of reasons, but primarily because I'm moving out of state. The good news is that there is a big vintage kart event that same weekend in Quincy which means fewer karts and more minibike time on the track! I'm working on the website...
  12. olddog

    White Painted Clone?

    Folks, I love the look of the white engine, was thinking about painting my clone white. I searched on this forum and also took a look at google without luck. Has anybody done this? I'd love to see how it looks. Thanks.
  13. diggers

    Wanted: Looking to buy tecumseh white side fill gas tank (s)

    Looking for a good/nice condition side fill gas tank(s). I have 4 Tecumseh's I'm looking to redo in white so any help is greatly appreciated may even consider about the metal tanks like the Bonanza bc1100 just bigger... THANKS!!!!!
  14. R

    Shout out from the white mountains of arizona!!

    A week ago I drove to Flagstaff and bought an original 750 Bonham Tote Gote. HAD to have it!! Just what I need, ANOTHER mechanical project/puzzle/preserved piece of history. It's powered (or should be powered) with an 8-horse Techumseh (sp?) engine. Did not know if it ran or not when I...
  15. R

    Tecumseh h50 white fuel tank for ruttman

    Searching for a white plastic fuel tank for a 5hp Tecumseh that was used on the Ruttman mini bikes.
  16. Jamie1972

    @@ FREE orig. white lil Indian throttle cable@@

    I removed this cable from my sons lil Indian. Decent useable cond. Orig. white cover. Could use a little cleaning. *Free Just PayPal 3.00 to ship to you.
  17. B

    Kawasaki KV75 Red tank Yellow and white stripe on tank

    Thinking about trading a couple of 22 rifles for this, guy says thinks it's a 72 but I read where KV's were made starting in 75, replaced MT1's. Think this would be a fair trade ? motor fires and has compression but throttle assembly, left side engine cover and magneto cover missing , headlight...
  18. Tom S.

    White Christmas

    A friend sent this to me and I just had to share it, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=ddVZOK_9UUI
  19. mini one

    White Tec with no numbers on shroud.

    I picked this up as a "couldn't pass up" deal. You all know those right? Engine plate was missing, nothing for numbers on top of shroud. Numbers on that round casting on the side read :19-0-80 plastic fuel tank (looks like it was added from the looks of the angle iron mounts) Previous Owner...
  20. owend


    I purchased this NOS frame from George (Mountain Man) a few years ago and finally started working on it a couple of weeks ago. It just needed some light sanding on the frame to get it to bare metal. I primed the frame in white and then went with an older metal flake blue with three coats of...