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    New wiring soldered to kill switch.
  2. 20190523_194330.jpg


    Changing wires of kill switch.
  3. P

    Wiring issues

    So, I have a stock CT200U, and the kill switch stopped working. We did notice the green ground wire was not connected to anything at that time. I know someone that had experience in small engine repair, and he insisted that he could fix the kill switch. He removed wires and reconnected them, I...
  4. Rico

    Suzuki Trailhopper wiring harness

    Hello, I bought myself a Trailhopper from 1970. I would like to put a battery in it, but near to the battery is a big plug on the harness for some other thing/part.. Where is it for...
  5. ericrg3

    1972 sl70 wiring harness! Why must you be so hard to find???

    :confused: The Ko's are out there and so is the xl's but no sl70k1 harnesses!!! Does anyone know of anyone that makes them? :scooter:
  6. ericrg3

    1972 Honda SL70 wiring harness!!!

    I have a 72 Honda sl70 k2 & I am in need of a complete wiring harness, battery tray, chain guard and a front fender. If someone has one available for sale, please contact me. Thanks!!!
  7. fhpe77

    wiring a kill switch to a non-points ignition

    Here's my second question for today. How would I wire a kill switch to a Tecumseh non-points ignition? I'd like to get the toggle switch that is on my frame working. I found plenty of info for the old points ignition setup but nothing for the newer ignitions. Thanks again. -Ray
  8. J

    68 Rupp TT 500 wiring

    I am looking for any information on TT500 wiring. A diagram, a picture, anything to help me do the wiring on my TT500.
  9. T

    Speedway green horn wiring diagram

    I need a wiring diagram for Speedway green horn. Is there one available out there?
  10. O

    Wtb pacesetter ram parts;gas tank, seat, wiring,

    Just bought a trail ram. Some did a nice custom job on it, but I'd like to have the parts to restore it at some latter date. PM me if you can help. It would need 6 or 7 hp Tecumseh lit motor, wiring harness, headlight, taillight, etc. Thank you (pm is ok)
  11. DT400Rider

    wanted: 1976\77 Yamaha LB80 chappy wiring harness (maybe more)

    Looking for the main wiring harness. Maybe more, I will have to check like the headlight wiring. May be interested in other parts if they are in better shape then what I have on the bike now. Thanks for looking.
  12. P

    Wiring a LED headlight to a battery?

    Good Morning, I am working on a super bronc, and would like to add a light. I purchased some LED headlights off amazon. They were ten bucks a piece, and look to be OK quality. I disassembled the units and sealed them with silicon as the reviews were said that was an issue. If I purchase a...
  13. L

    wiring a head light to a predator 212cc

    Hey guys, with the days getting shorter and night coming sooner, I hate not being able to ride my bike after dark, which comes at like, 5 o clock during the winter. What I want to do is wire a head light so I don't wrap myself around a tree in the dark. I heard that you can use the coil or...
  14. R

    wiring harness

    looking for a wiring harness for a 68 Rupp XL 500
  15. T

    3 amp charging coil wiring to rectifier/regulator

    So I have 2 coils, each is 3 Amps with a single wire on each. I believe this means it's a half wave and one end of the winding is grounded to the coil itself which is then mounted and chassis grounded. I want to run 2 full wave 12v scooter/gy6 4 prong rectifier/regulators. One to charge the...
  16. T

    Motorcycle on/off switch wiring on mini bike.

    So I know the mini bike has a kill switch with 2 wire, coil and ground. When pressed on, the ground is removed and when off is pressed the ground is applied killing the coil. So on this K&S motorcycle switch I have inside looks opposite. Looks like when I press OFF, one terminal is uncovered...
  17. Not so mini bike

    Fox Campus FX wiring

    I am putting this bike back together and I have a question about the wiring. What would these 2 leads be for. It is basically a jumper for one of the wires. One of the leads going back to the taillight is cut and had this coming out. Not sure if it's a fox thing or what. Any help would be great...
  18. M

    Coleman Sport 2.4 wiring harness/schematic/pictures

    Looking for complete harness OR schematic OR just pictures of a Coleman Sport 2.4 wiring harness. If you can help me...262 930-4760
  19. Radford46

    Go Devil wiring question

    I just picked up a complete ( as yet to be determined, looks like a jigsaw puzzle), Go Devil even got a ratted out carrying bag. What's with the wiring harness? Along with the spark plug wire, there's a kill button wire and two others that are unknown. What I thought was old electric tape, and...
  20. glenn baine

    Power dyne remember this one

    i been on this one for around 2 years now. waiting for my decals. and finish up wiring. :smile: