1. bikerboybenny8

    WTB KT100 engine

    title says it all... let me know what youve got collecting dust!
  2. KMC3420

    WTB 22mm mikuni carb

    Anybody have a good used 22 mikuni to be used on a Honda gx160?
  3. Sport King Eric

    WTB a 5hp Rear El burro fender!!

    I am looking for a rear fiberglass el burro fender.. Im me if you have one!! I might even be interested in a broken one if that's all that's available..
  4. M

    WTB. Downs Brothers Clutch

    Looking for a new dbr clutch let me know Thanks OldMiniBikes
  5. smudvapor


    Looking for a head light for a 72 Coleman Sport Bike 2.40. Thanks
  6. MCF2891

    WTB: 410/350X5 Tire and L Stem Tube

    Looking to buy 410/350x5 tire and L stem tube that is in good shape with a good amount of tread left. Looking for a rounded tire like the CST knobby tire.
  7. gasser

    WTB: Drag frame

    Looking for a bare drag frame and fork or just bare frame. Let me know what you have and price.
  8. K

    wtb - rupp continental top fork plug and spring

    Hi I have a rupp continental special that I need another top fork tube plug and spring. just like picture but I only have one ! anyone have one, or any ideas on what I can do. it's the only part I need !! thank you
  9. J

    WTB: Cat 350 Handlebars !

    Hello Need a set of handlebars for a Cat 350. Any one have a set ?? PM me Thanks John
  10. slywilliez

    WTB briggs 5hp billet flywheel

    I am looking to by a briggs billet flywheel or a raptor. Ley me know what you got.
  11. manchester1

    wtb General Jumbo Tires

    Listing this for a friend. He needs 2 General Jumbo 5" tires. We can start with 1 tire at a time.:laugh: He has cash ready. Thank you for looking:thumbsup:
  12. B

    Wtb a decent hm80

    I have a superbronc vt812 that has no spark / been sitting a long time / cant get flywheel off to save my life / looking to buy a working HM80 to replace the one I have. UNLESS - someone has a great idea of how to remove this freekin flywheel so I can start testing ignition parts
  13. ugmold

    WTB: H50 Con Rod and Piston

    WTB: H50 Con Rod and Piston: part# rod=31295C piston 33312B The engine is Tecumseh H50-65077H serial 8198 14298
  14. M

    WTB Murray track 2 fork nut

    Looking for a Murray top fork nut lmk Thanks Mike
  15. dbadgley

    Wtb 1965 briggs 3hp

    Looking for a 1965 Briggs and Stratton 3hp engine for a lil indian project (prefer running but not required).
  16. slywilliez

    WTB west bend Air cleaner like this ONE!!!!

    I am looking for a west bend air cleaner like the one posted for a Arctic Cat screamer project. I have found out that Gem made some air cleaners just like this one but the end cap was just blank. I need up to five of this filters and end caps. I have the bases and the two hold downs. Thanks...
  17. Melman109

    Wtb running 1967 Briggs 3hp

    Looking for a running 1967 Briggs and Stratton 3hp engine for a taco 22 project
  18. G

    WTB Arctic Cat Gas Tank

    Looking for a gas tank for my Arctic Cat project. Preferably the type of tank which mounts to the cylinder shape mounts on the frame like a Screamer, or Climber. Thanks
  19. manchester1

    wtb 4.10-3.50x6 goodyear tires

    Looking for 2 goodyear tires with the tread pattern in the picture below. No checking or cracks. Worn tread is ok. I need 2, but if you have one, that is a start. Thank you.
  20. manchester1

    wtb rupp foot peg covers.

    Looking for a set of foot peg covers for a 1968 rupp xl350. I need a set that you probably threw in the trash.:laugh: They are for a original survivor. I think the very end of the foot peg rubber slants up.:out: Not really sure about that but I'm looking at another rupp photo. The peg...