*100 FT Illegal Drag Races Halloween Hangover Sun Nov 1st @ 11am Racing at High Noon*

This is the official thread for this weekend's racing.

It appears that Leadfoot was unable to secure a location for this year's (what is it, 8th, 9th)? annual illegal minibike drags.
This is an unfortunate event, the Leadfoot races are legendary and always a whole load of fun. And great people and steaks and fast bikes, too.

Well we don't have steaks but there should be some decent folk and some fast bikes as well.

So the address for the race is:

116 Production Rd, Walpole, MA 02081
11AM, Racing at High Noon
All are welcome to attend. Racing is same rules as Leadfoot. No dorks!
No track prep please, at least this race. If the track is bad then we can prep it next time but it should be fine this isn't the Winternationals lol

If you Google Earth it you will see it is a dead end street with nothing residential around it.
If you want to get there early and practice that is totally fine it is a free country. We do however ask that there be no public drinking, public urinating, littering or otherwise being inconsiderate to the property of the surrounding businesses. We ask that any police that may show up be treated with respect. There is a risk that the event may be shut down, remember this is the illegal mini bike drags after all. When you get to the area, if someone directs you towards a certain parking area, please be courteous and go with the flow. We will try and have a pit area for the racers and a spectator area as well. This is the first time and we have no idea how many people are going to show up so the logistics could change. Also we are looking for volunteers to flag the race.

Any questions should be asked in this thread, and directed towards member Ddelpha, as he has taken the reins on this event and knows more details than anyone else about the race.

Thanks for your participation, and thanks for your cooperation, looking forward to having a little fun out there guys!
Let's hear from those who will attend!
I will be there!

joshua. c.

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I would think most of the people who posted on the other thread are going. also you cant expect to get an accurate head count on a thread that can be read by anyone member or not. I'm ready and will be there, see you Sunday.
Ok cool I was just checking. We changed the day and weren't sure if people were receptive to that or not.
I'm psyched that people are coming thanks Joe and Josh and anyone else I am forgetting lol.

And we need to seriously look into a spot for future races. Maybe it's something we can discuss on Sunday.
Sounds like it could be awesome!
I looked into a tree and all that stuff, it's a pretty big initial financial investment and I just don't have the scratch right now. Porta Tree makes a kit and they are located in MA too! Hell I'd throw in on that setup.
I do like the old school feel of the arm drop though, that is pretty cool too but in comparison, real staging, lights, elapsed times, etc is hard to beat as well.

Wherever Leadfoot decides to have their event we will always attend. Great group, always great events, we look forward to racing at whatever spot they come up with.

This is just an emergency one-time thing put together by some local guys who just want to race one last time. Not meant to replace the original event in any way, shape or form.
I just want to very clear about this.
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I'm going to try and make it, being my first time I may just observe. My Lil Indian I doubt would be competitive.
OK that is up to you but usually people who don't bring their bike, wish they had.
It's about fun, plenty of stock bikes and close to stock bikes that aren't rocket ships but that is the point. They are entry level bikes that most anyone can build, and race for cheap or free.

Just to be clear on some rules, I know we said Leadfoot rules but some people don't know the Leadfoot rules, so I just wanted to go over a couple basics.

All bikes who wish to race must have functioning brakes.
All riders must at be at least 18 years of age or older.
All riders must wear a helmet. Boots & gloves highly recommended, heavy pants or leather jacket suggested.
All riders are doing so at their own risk. No one will be responsible for any injuries or damage that you may cause to yourself or others/property, except you.

Anyone have anything to add that I may have forgot? ^^^

Thanks. I will be in touch with the dude in charge of this, some of us are getting there early to set up some stuff will post what time.
Thanks to everyone who came today it's was a lot of fun lets hope that the leadoot guys are working on something for next year otherwise well make this a monthly race weather permitting of course again thanks for coming ... Donny
Well I would like to thank everyone that attended the race today!
I know for myself I had a wicked fun time. Was good to see everyone again, my first time as a rider.
I gotta say, my bike stayed together, nothing broke so I'm happy. I wanted to build a bike that is competitive and I think the goal was accomplished.

I feel like everyone broke and there was just me and the purple bike and I beat him once but he beat me twice. To be honest I was just glad to run the bike after it being down for so long. It ran like a top all day, all temps right where they should be. What a relief lol.

A lot of fast bikes, and some nice looking ones too. It wasn't a huge crowd but the quality of people was high. I forgot to thank the flag dude. And the camera guy.
And also thank OldMiniBikes member Ddelpha for organizing things and running the event. and my buddy Matt for being finish line judge.
Let us know if somethings going on again. I'll have a new throttle cable. What a shame it broke before racing anyone.
Actually Joe you did race me once and you beat me although I think that was still warm ups at that point. Definitely a bummer both you and my Dad broke, 2 fast bikes for sure!
I'll definitely let you know. People are excited now, but once a month I think is manageable without getting caught. They want to race every week which IMHO is too often and will end up blowing up the spot.