1960s Riverside Bianchi Orsetto Montgomery Ward scooter $150

I thought before I put it on eBay I would see if anyone on the forum may have any interest. I have this old Wards Riverside scooter. Im told they were the same as the Bianchi Orsetto, I dont know. The scooter a is not complete as you can see, however the tinware is in very good condition. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. This will need to be picked up in Central Lake Mi. or the buy will need to make all shipping araingment. $150


I think $150 is a fair price. I imagine those body panels are pretty hard to find in straight condition like that. Could be good for parts or a really aggressive resto.
Yes, I dont think I am too high on the price at $150. As you mentioned the sheet metal is in very good condition. I just need to find the guy who has or is building the same bike as there are a ton of good hard to find parts on this bike. I thought I would list it here first but it looks like it will hit eBay next week. I wish the picture part of the forum wasn't experiencing trouble as I would list more pictures. As it is the last picture I uploaded on this thread isn't even of this bike!!
71 had the plastic body's 72 had the fiberglass body and I believe they made a few in 73 with a slightly different body a little shorter on the back
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