1965 6-bs briggs will not start

i have a 2 horse or 2.5 horse briggs engine from 1965, runs if you put gas or ether in carb,pulled plug --is dry, getting spark but no fuel, dropped gas tank cleand out, tube from tank to carb looks clean any, should i rebuild carb or what???
Can you post any photos of your engine? Specifically the carb/tank? If it really and truly is a 2 or 2.5 HP there is no diaphram to replace, as these had the "Vacu-Jet" carbs.
If it's a vacu-jet carb, there is a diaphragm between the carburetor and tank. If it's a pulsa-jet, the diaphragm is located on the left hand side of the carburetor body. The diaphragm helps pump fuel from the tank to carb, and is made of thin rubber, so it most likely needs replaced. They shouldn't cost more than $2 at a local lawn mower shop.
creia says there is no diaphram on a vacu jet carb. when i pulledthe tank from the carb , 2 screws holding it, there was one pic up tube and what looks like just a gasket between the carb and tank
post up a pic of your carb then we can make sure were all on the same page :thumbsup:
i dont think you have the 6bs if your sure that your motor is a 65 tho .
6BS (horizontal shaft; suction carburetor) (1955—1958) from the info on briggs models .
you would have one of these
# 60100 (horizontal shaft) (1958—1991)
# 80100 (horizontal shaft) (1958—1977)
# 80200 (horizontal shaft) (1960—1991) (horizontal shaft) and 190700 (vertical shaft) (1969—1997)
# 140000 (horizontal shaft) (1958—1965)
9= 9 cubic inches
0= basic design series(?)
1= horizontal shaft and Vacu-Jet carb
4 = has to do with bearing type/gear reduction. 4 means nothing special, no reduction
9= Mechanical starter(?) I'm not sure what that is, exactly. Maybe a wind up type?

The date code seems a bit wrong as well. The first two digits do mean year, but the second two are month, as in 06 for June. I'm not sure what the 81st month is. It may be "01", which is January. The next two digits are the day, and the last digit is the plant where it was made. I've never seen a list of what plant is which number.

As to the Pulsa-Jet/Vacu-Jet controversy, there were two different Pulsa-Jets. One had the diaphragm on the side, one had it on the bottom. The one with the bottom diaphragm doubled as a tank gasket. Both Pulsa's had two pick up tubes, while the Vacu-jet only had one.