1966 Powell For Sale

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I'm selling my Powell. It starts easy and runs good. It sat for 30 plus years and I bought it and
Cleaned out gas tank, it had no rust.
Cleaned carburetor and put in rebuild kit.
Spark plug, points, condenser, air cleaner element, new V belt, new muffler, cleaned and gapped coil, new recoil spring, pulled head off it and described it, cylinder is in great shape, new head gasket,washed it and waxed it. When I soaked the belt cover overnight in strong detergent some silver paint came off and revealed a partial SAAP decal. It's the toolbox seat model. Looks like the seat box was also painted silver with a brush. The red frame is original paint and in good condition with a few scratches. Forks have some pitting. I believe the tires are original, they hold air good. Sprockets and chain are excellent. Handle grips and throttle original. Seat recovered I think? Serial number is in the picture. The 4 hp Briggs and Stratton engine tag shows it to be 1966 so that's what I'm basing the year on.
I don't know what a REALISTIC price is for it, so I'm asking $2000 or BEST OFFER for it. A guy in LA offered $800 for it so I'll see what Powell fans here might offer.


Not open for further replies.