1967 Taco 22 Project


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My 67 Taco 22 project is just about done. I haven't decided on a color so I'm leaving it raw for now. I purchased the frame & forks from a fellow member along with the NOS 5" wheels. I also purchased a new seat and a few other items from Taco (Joe). I also rebuilt the West Bend 580, new rings, bearings, seals, gaskets, NOS fuel tank, original WB fuel tank mount and a few other items. I'm pleased with the way it turned out but I'm not happy with the tires I bought, they seem small. The tires are Carlisle 4.10/3.50-5, when I compare these tires to photos of Taco 22 from years past they seem narrow, did I purchase the wrong size?

I've also attached a photos of the same size tire off my1960 Simplex Challenger go kart, they are larger.


Wow man sweet Taco!! Nice looking West Bend!! I think the tires look good but you are the only one that really has to be happy with them!! :thumbsup:
Cool bike. Nice parts on that engine too. If you decided to paint it "Taco Purple," here is the paint formula. This is a modernized version of the original purple that Lynn Wineland had on his 32 Roadster. That color was the inspiration John Steens had for the Taco purple as the story goes. Maybe TMI for some...

I used this formula, and it looks and does everything it's supposed to. It will appear blue in photos, but purple in real life. This is the NON-California version. It is single stage, and some will say it is not color fast. It is, and note the amount of urethane binder used in the formula. Any paint shop can mix this if they carry Nason/Dupont.

430-02 Carbon Black 86.6
430-14 Violet 103.5
430-13 Non Flop Blue 107.4
430-04 White 108.8
430-54 Purple Pearl 157.4
435-91 Urethane Binder 464.4
I got mine powder coated purple galaxy, I like the color. As far as the tires the new carlisles aren't the greatest. The correct ones are 4.10 3.50 5 double head Indian carlisles.

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Nice 22 Nick! Purple Galaxy is Really Close to Plum Crazy. AJ does good work at West Coast Powder Coating. The original Taco Purple that Dave describes does look a little blue under certain lighting. :thumbsup: