1968 Cyclops Roller For Sale (Revised Photos)

I have a 1968 Cyclops L400 roller for sale. It has 6" wheels-a steel two piece rear,and a TriStar front. The sprocket is a 67 tooth,and the tires are almost new 4.10/3.50 x 6 scooter tires. There are some marks on the right handlebar where the throttle was installed,but the throttle should hide them. It is powdercoated Candy Apple Red Metallic and the front suspension fork is completely redone with new springs and hardware. I will include the original fuel tank (what's left of it) and ship the roller in a new Taco mini bikes box. I will ship UPS anywhere in the lower 48 states-sorry,no overseas/Alaska/Hawaii/Canada shipping. Overall,it's not a show winner-but will make an excellent rider. I am asking $200.00 (including shipping) or best reasonable offer. Thanks for looking.
Yeah,well,no one replied,so I put it there.....I ain't no expert on mini bike values........Sorry. You could have PMed me with an offer. Read the rules.


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Hey, it's not for sale on here. So, rules don't apply.

Another instance of trying to get more for a bike here....
You ebay price is cheaper than you were selling on here. I am just trying to make sure the good folks of OldMiniBikes are aware that they can now buy this bike cheaper on ebay, since it is no longer for sale here.
The last roller I sold got $200.00,so that was the price I started with.
After more than a hundred members saw the ad and gave no response,that was a pretty good clue that I was asking too much. I didn't feel like incrementally lowering the price on this forum,and I don't really know what the thing is worth,so Ebay does the trick. You should be credited for telling the other members what I did-that shows you are a concerned forum member-and you're helping me as well. Thanks-Merry Christmas.


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I am not trying to be a jerk.
I just don't get trying to sell here to your mini bike brotherhood for more than you sell on ebay.
You could have at least lowered your price here.:shrug:
Buckeye, he is not the only one that does this. Give him a little break. Even Supporting Members do it.

Timahhh, don't sweat it. Maybe just leave it run a bit longer than 23 hrs. Just advise.
Our lil Buckeye is all grown up now:crying:..Dont worry buddy..I will send you a new set of rose colored glasses for Christmas and you will be all better.:laugh:
Next time I'll leave the item on the forum a little longer. No hard feelings,y'all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the forum members. I hope everyone gets a mini bike from Santa.


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It's not a big deal, it's just that the members here get upset when someone post a bike for sale, and then we see it on ebay for less money than asked here.:shrug:

You did it backwards. You should have offered it here at that price first, then if it didn't sell pump it over to ebay