1968 Lil Indian 6000

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

This has been sitting in my basement in boxes for close to 20 years. Decided to make it my winter project finally.
I slapped it together for a couple of pictures.
Some detail...
I have the original rims. In the pics are ones I mocked to the originals.
The tires are used yet original to the 68.
Many years ago I bagged and tagged the original nut/bolt hardware. All will get re-plated.
Everything that was chromed from the factory will get re-done
The 2 speed unit is correct. With all the correct pieces.
The clutch guard is NOS. Brackets are original.
Handle bars need to be re-made. Just got the correct tubing and mounted my bender to the floor.
Engine is not original. As much as I tried to find one. This one..
-A NOS Raptor steel sleeved block.
- Correct side cover
- NOS crank shaft
- Correct carb throttle links/hook up
- Will be getting an ARC rod & billet flywheel to keep it together.\
Seat: had it made years ago from the original. Pleats were stiched at that time. Will be searching
to have it redone with correct heat pleated seams.
I could go on, yet just wanted to let you know Lots to do.
Best Regards,