1969 Rupp Catalog

I don't live far from Mansfield, Ohio. Talking with people Rupp was one of the major employers of the area in the time. Everyone had some type of Rupp recreation transport because you could buy them like buying a Ford on the A plan. As long as you knew somebody who "knew" somebody who had a relative who worked for Rupp.


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Cool stuff. I wonder whatever became of the blond?:pimp:
Check out the tires, They are generals. Pretty neat how different the bikes in the catalogs are compared to what actually hit the streets.

In the 1970 catalog the TC covers are all actually airbrushed on the bikes, They must not have had them totally finished yet.

Far as the blond, When the '70's came around she was hanging with the wrong crowd. Got into some bad drugs and started to snort and shoot her life away, She found herself out on a ledge thinking to end it all. Thats when she decided to clean herself up and move back home. She sought refuge with her dear childhood friend, a simple minded man, in her time of need.

stayed there for awhile, but felt trapped so she bought her friend a pair of shoes, banged him and disappeared, whereabouts unknown. years later, now into the mid 80's working her ass off single mom cause she got knocked up few years back. She finds out she got the HIV from all the partying back in the day, so she seeks out once again her childhood friend, which BTW is her babies daddy. Goes back home with him to live out her final days, Dies leaving him with all the medical bills AND a kid... Dirty Whore!


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hey guys do any of you have this ad save. some reason my ad was save small when i found it and can't open it up any larger to read it.:doah:
Wow, just found these on Facebook. Never seen em' before!!!! wish they were bigger:

WOW!!! I just emailed a guy about a month ago on Evilbay asking him to sell those back to me.. ::eek:hmy: Evidently he does not use evilbay anymore either.. :laugh: OR maybe he did and posted them just cuz he's a real cool guy.. Evilbay has never sent me a email saying "You gots a message" But then again, everything I get from Evilbay is instantly spammed down.. :laugh: I should log in and check my messages..

I sold a dealership manual FULL OF just about everything.. It even had the "Chevy Junior" (people call it monza :doah: ) "Go Joe" a (Mini Gojo :confused: ) Uhhhh some other wierd ass little fiberglass buggy thing...

RACING KARTS!! :drool: DUDE there was some fcking BAD ASS karts.. :drool: Twin engine weird looking looks like a one cylinder 650 Yamaha jug with a center fugal clutch on it. :drool:

DUDE there was a pic in the snowmobile section.. Some custom built thing Micky Rupp had built, was a snowmobile with a big ass chevy BIG BLOCK V8 with a supercharger and shit.. :eek:hmy: doing a MEGA WHEELIE!!! :eek:hmy:

But YEAH there was a shitload of minibikes in it... I sold the whole book for like 500 bucks, then the guy writes up

"HEY I don't see a (snow jet) manual in here" :shrug:

And I had actually screwed up and put down (snow jet) in the title, not realizing the snow jet was an actual separate model all to itself... He had actually bought the whole book for that ONE MANUAL ... And I was ready to give him his money back and all, but said

"Well what IS IT worth to YOU as it is without that book?"

And he replied I might have gone 300 but wouldn't have went any higher because that one manual is impossible to find and yadada yada..

But I told him WOW 300 is still more than I would have expected from it anyways.. I'll mail ya 200 bucks back if ya want.. :shrug:

And that's what happened.... I wrote him about a month or little better ago about it.. An actual (Griffin_High_Performance) has a question about item number this old book thing..

" I belong to a vintage minibike website that would GREATLY appreciate those minibike and gokart manuals and brochures and I would buy that stuff back off from you, or blah blah... "

He seamed to be a real easy going guy.. He is just into the snowmobiles and not minibikes..

If you belong to facebook and wanna send the guy a friends request and get ahold of him, I am willing to bet it is the same guy, and he also has a :censure: load of some REALLY cool crap.. :drool: