1969 TT500 Tires

Hi all.
New here (yes, I posted in the "I'm new here" thread) and looking for info on tires for a TT500 that my son and I are restoring.
I believe they were "trials" tires, and am trying to figure a suitable replacement. I have to believe there is something out there other than the $70/piece ones I seem to find on any Google search I do, and I assume someone else has gone through this same issue and found a solution.
A picture is below if it helps (it looks a little different now, as it's fully DISASSEMBLED (I can't believe what words are forbidden here) and parts are being cleaned one at a time :)


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First off, the TT500 was a 1968 model and used General Traction tires. You have a 69 Roadster, which used Rupp Trials tires. I have a decent set of Adran Trials tires. They're same size and tread pattern as the original 69 Roadster tires. PM me if you're interested and I can text some pictures.
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Bink, the XL350 bikes used 4.50/3.10-6 Carlisle tires (at least, I think they did). The TT500 used the larger General Traction 5.30/4.50-6 tires. I'm not sure if the XL500 used Carlisle or Generals
Thanks guys!! I bought an XL frame and tires/wheels with the General size tires. I knew they looked too big as I had a 1968 XL500 as a kid. I'm now in the process of putting together a TT500 and XL500 from parts. :thumbsup: