1970/71 Azusa Recreational Components Catalog

Here is the 1970/71 Azusa Recreational Components Catalog I scanned from front cover to back cover. There are 40 pages of full-size scans.
that make you cry.

Here is the first 20 pages (max pics allowed per post) including Cover and table of contents.

Even though you can't get this stuff anymore some of the contents may be educational and otherwise useful for puzzling together restoration projects, if not just fun to stroll down memory lane and look at all the cool parts you could buy along with those 1970/71 prices

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very cool old catalog. i like those old chrome half dome, kart gas tanks for cheap they had in there. where i would of put one on a minibike only god knows!!!! but i would of.!!!
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Just think what you could get for 100.00 at them prices. The quality of the parts were alot better, look at the 4 1/2 brake shoes alot wider than the ones they sell today.