18 & Under 1970 Fox Sprite

We had to stay late every night this week to finish the bike but we did it. We had a problem though. We took it outside and Mr. Davis road it and then it quit before we could make a video. Mr. Davis took it home and fixed it for us and took a video at his house. Check out those socks! Thank you to everyone who helped us, we already have a bike waiting for us next year.

Sorry for the video, it is the best that I had.


1970 Fox Sprite


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I know I'm late to the show, but that is just outstanding! Congratulations on a beautiful accomplishment!

By far the most gratifying aspect of this is seeing that there are some youngsters out there who are less concerned with taking another "selfie" or sitting inside playing video games all day, but are rather more interested in living in REALITY rather than a VIRTUAL one. Gives me hope for the future of this country. Way to go!!!
Thanks for the kind words. We already have a bike for them next year. A person from the area saw a write up about my students in the paper and asked them to restore his childhood bike. He will pay, the students will do the work and compete in the build off and he will get a restored bike back. My students are very excited for next year. Building the bikes each year has really worked better then I had originally hoped.
Such a great idea, Smud! You should - and I'm sure you are - be very proud of them.

And to quote RelicRacing above, "You're an inspiration to THIS old guy," as well!