1970 Silver Shadow Speedway.

Just starting a thread on my rebuild project. My father purchased this new. The bike has a interesting story that I'll highlight on as it moves along. For now just wanted to get some pictures posted. The bike was still together when we tracked it back down , I took it apart and currently have the motor being gone through. The bike was complete still and the only obvious missing thing was the stock air filter. It had been sitting in a barn for close to 20 years when we found it and I have had it sitting in my building since then and its been close to 20 years I've had back. My father passed away and it finally motivated me to get it going again. I did not realize how rare it was until I started researching it. The child sitting on it in the picture is me. My parents lived in a small apartment at the time and he kept it in the living room. Our small town had a local gravel pit with a small track that they would get together and race on.


Special thanks to Aaron F. for helping me get this project started in the right direction. Have decided to not do a full restore and just get the bike back to running complete condition. Everything I felt was in good enough condition and it would take something away from it doing a complete. I may slap original decaling back on it just because I have them ?
Welcome to the site. That bike is special bike in both sentiment and desirability for sure. Aaron definitely knows what his way around Speedway mini cycles and it a great source for knowledge and information.

I agree that keeping the bike as original as possible is the best path forward considering it's condition. Nothing wrong with adding correct decals or parts to complete the look while retaining the original appearance.

Keep us posted. Would be great to see the bike back together again.

Also, the fact your dad bought this bike AND lived in an apartment AND kept the bike AND kept the bike IN the apartment living room...is awesome. He obviously thought the bike was special too.