1971 Rupp Black Widow

1971 Rupp Black Widow. Found it in a barn in Missouri. Motor fired off starting fuild. Wheels , brakes , chain ,clutch are free and it rolls. I was give the correct handlebars. Number of bike is 201436. Missing carb. And I think the rear fender is wrong. I do have the correct rear fender. I located in Kansas city. Asking 2000 or best offer. 913 293 4623



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non original exhaust (that's a roadster exhaust.) Probably too loud for the neighbors, so a nice upgrade as you can buy a new BW exhaust, but you can't buy a roadster exhaust. the rear fender is a Preston mini-mudder. Cool fender that actually has some value. The missing Dellorto carb is a bummer, but the intake manifold for the carb is there... meaning maybe the carb is in a surrounding area in the garage? worth looking for... they took the throttle too with the carb. Also those are non-ball end Cherry control levers... Or a masochist cut the balls off! ha! Very cool minibike and the bones are there.
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