1972 Cat Slingshot All American Survivor

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

This is a 1972 Cat Slingshot All American. This is a rare bird and they don't come up very often. Lots of life left in this one. Nice and straight frame/forks, no cracks or repair jobs that I noticed when I gave it a quick wipedown.

This one has all of the hard-to-find Cat parts and a fresh set of grips. The seat is long gone, but there are plenty of options out there for a repop. Fenders and clutch guard are in good shape, original paint, very little rust and those impossible to find decals are in great condition. Switch plate is in great condition but the switch is shot and needs to be replaced and the decal is cracked due to age. The engine turns over and has spark but I haven't attempted to run it yet. It does need a new recoil. The sissy bar and forks have some rust, but the metal looks like it's in pretty good shape overall. The places we buffed up shine pretty nicely. The kickstand is original and in great operating condition. The wheels and stars are in good condition but they could use some new bearings. There is some surface rust on the wheels and the stars but nothing serious as far as I could tell. The arm of the brake that intersects the stop on the frame is a little bent but maybe it can be straightened out.

The bike still needs a clutch, and fuel line. It could use brake and throttle cables as well. The chain should probably be replaced too. I can do all of these things but the price goes up once I do.

Located in Bluff City, TN for the price of $1650. Buyer pays for shipping (I don't want to disassemble/pack -- I just don't have time to deal with it).

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