1979 Sears and Roebuck Puddle Jumper/Orange Crush Refurb

I picked up 2 of these bikes in a lot of Rupps that I bought. It's kind of hard to find information on them. They are similar to a Rupp but not as stout. They have a 4hp Tecumseh with a slanted intake. They also have the same wheels that where used in the 1970 10" Rupps, and the rear brake is the same that is used on the 71 and up Rupps. The bike uses a Comet TC. I'm held up on my build off bike right now so I pulled this apart and gave it some fresh paint. Dupli color Chevy Engine Orange for the frame, the motor, handlebars footpegs, and kickatand got a fresh coat of Dupli color engine semi gloss ford black. It looks much better. The other bike is in better shape, but I am very happy how this is turning out. I wish I took a better before pick. The two before pics were for reference on how to run the brake cable. I hope to clean the wheels up today and get them on. 20160430_130450.jpg 20160430_130445.jpg 20160501_072820.jpg
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That sucker has some ground clearance!

The swing arm shock mounts look more like late 70's motocross frames from Suzuki, etc.
Nice piece, can't imagine they made that many and even less still out there in the wild.
Looks like a perfect Windber ride.
Did you ever find out if this is a Puddle Jumper or Orange Crush?
I recently bought one :)
I'll be redoing it this winter along with a couple Rupps.

Is there any way to trace the serial number plate info? I'd really like to know more about what I have.

Where did you get the seat cover? Any pics of the seat without the cover or foam?
My seat is home made. I'd like to improve it.

Here is a pic of it and one of the number plate. It has a Briggs Animal motor on it.

File_001 (27).jpeg File_000 (37).jpeg
I made an improvement yesterday to the ride quality. It road good but the rear springs were bouncy.
I took a front shock from an old Mustang and mounted it to the swing arm. Big improvement in ride quality.
I did it as an experiment and I think I'll keep it. It will be painted of course when I paint the bike.

Also, I need to make a kickstand. Do you have any pics of your bikes with the kickstand up? I want to see how it is shaped and where it rests in the up position.


File_000 (45).jpeg
I don't think these bikes really had a definate name. I sold both of these bikes a while back. I believe they were made by Manco and sold to Sears. The gas tanks are the same as other Manco bikes. The seat had no snaps and just bolted on from underneath. Both seats looked the same so I am assuming they were factory. I don't have anymore pictures either. Sorry, I wish I could help you out.