3.0HP B&S Engine

I got this from my buddy, he heard I was looking for an engine for my soon to be mini bike project.
Can any one tell me if its worth it, what simple mods I can do to it? Or is it very rare and should sell it for big$$
It came off and old reel type lawn mover. It runs very well.




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Ditch the carb and tank. Fab up an intake and run a pz19 carb. Screw in a pipe for your exhaust. Get a ball bearing side cover and the bearing from a 3.5hp. Shave the eyebrows. Run heavier springs. Advance the timing.
I found one on the side of the road mounted on an edger. Cleaned carb half asked and it started right up and has been for over a year now. Honestly I don't think I would part with it. Mine is the newer style with on off and carb switch mounted on side. I have thought numerous times about trashing the edger as I have a new one. But can't bring myself to. Have since painted gloss black and cleaned nicely.