40 series on snowmobile engine????

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I've had this trike for about 3 yrs now (Anybody know what kind it is?) and I'd like to upgrade the engine. It currently has a predator 212 hemi with a 30 series torque converter and gets up to about 35-40 mph. I'm fine with the speed but would like more power. I just bought a 1970 snojet (I believe 340cc) engine made by Hirth. What I don't know is if I can use a 40 series torque converter for this engine? Any help would be appreciated!!!



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I don't think they make a 40 series that will fit the tapered shaft of that engine. Most snowmobile engines use a 30mm tapered shaft and some older model have 25mm. Use a snowmobile driven and match up the belt you need. Youll be happier