Looks like my son’s soccer practice and games combined with me leaving Sunday early afternoon for a conference in Albany is derailing our hopes to camp with everyone. Hoping to just drive in for some fun and excitement for the day on Saturday. My CT70 is running like a champ and needs to stretch its legs.
Trail Report - we had some rain and heavy winds up here over the last few days. the inner loop is fast along most of the woods parts with the exception for the low part in the swamp just after "Chatten's Calamity". Had a few downed branches but nothing that can't be navigated. the end by River Road has new "gravel", a white quartz/talc crush that is like marbles, the buggy can slide around curves, fishtail at will, all in all a fun time.

the outer loop is fast and dry all through the woods, there are a few extra potholes and rough spots along the causeway up to Robb Road but the town cleaned up and did a bunch of road work from the dirt portion to the asphalt on South Hammond Road.

parts of the South Woods Road trail are rough with loose gravel and rocks in washed out areas from the storms. once past the Black River Road intersection the trail is dry, smooth, and fast. this part of the trail is by far the fastest trail in the area with over 10 miles of nothing but smooth trail up to the highway by Popes Mills.

The bugs have been non-existent for weeks, very few biting flies, even the deer fly population is missing. Nights are hitting the low '60's, days are still in the '70's and '80's and humid. the turkey population exploded this year, we have turkeys all over the place. the local corn is beginning to show up at road side stands, the local honey bee's had a good year, a lot of local beekeepers are selling bottles of honey at flea markets, stands, and in the Bay.

If you aren't into camping there are several motels and hotel a few minutes from the fest site. the closest motel is JK's Road House on rte 26 about 10 minutes from the fest, the food is truly exquisite for the area and the rooms are clean and inexpensive. a few miles farther is alexandria bay with all sorts of rooms and restaurants. for those wanting higher end accommodations the Harbor Hotel near clayton, ny is as good as it gets with excellent food and fine rooms.

see you soon!

Good news! I need to find another belt for my bike, the other one is getting thin. Looking to see everyone up there and put some miles on the bikes.
Good news! I need to find another belt for my bike, the other one is getting thin. Looking to see everyone up there and put some miles on the bikes.
i have a couple belts, tc's, etc if you need one. we can also make jackshafts, axles, bolts, etc, if you want. mig welding, grinding, milling, lathe work, whatever is needed will be available.
Got a spare belt online just in time. When I tried to find one locally they had no clue what I was talking about. Jay put on a new seat and a TAV on my spare bike, big thanks to him for the help!!! Looks like the weather is going to be fantastic! Any idea how many people are going to show up?

brown boonie

planning on about 40-50. just like years past, most show up without pre-register. with the great weather coming, may be more...
That sounds great Jay !The riding up there is awesome this time of year, Hope you all can attend, it’s worth the drive and the food is great!!