'83 Honda z50r

Just wanted to share my latest project- my best friend's dad's '83 Honda z50r. So the backstory is my friend's dad used to drag race a whole bunch in the 80's so he bought this about 6 months used to ride around the pits at drag strips. He did that for probably 10 years and then just put it away. My friend's brother eventually got the idea that he wanted to restore it and started stripping everything down to redo. They moved homes and lost a lot of pieces in the process. I saw it in the back corner of their garage and asked about it and my friend's dad told me I could have it for free on the condition that I fix it up and don't flip it. Now that I've got it, I bought a later z50 parts bike this week and today I started working on it. The fork and wheels are from ct70 units that were on the parts bike, the rear swingarm is from the parts bike, I swapped it over so the wheels would work. The handlebars are from a bmx bike until I can find suitable ones. I think it looks pretty mean now, what do you think?
Next on the list is to track down a flywheel nut. Rear axle/chain adjusters, a longer throttle cable, chain and get the engine going