8hp briggs charging system fixed


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I cut four wires off this briggs duel output stator and tossed the burnt up regulator.

I used the two AC lines left on the stator and ran them to a Kawasaki 7amp regulator and it fixed all the charging issues I was having.

This bikes getting so much stuff packed into not enough room it’s starting to remind me of what I see when I open the 3A hood :eek:

DC636DD4-C0EF-4C96-850A-893A65A7ABE7.png 334BC91B-B15D-4EA0-B2DC-F403DF7375F3.png 3110F049-A437-43EA-88F9-4B784CA14ABF.png 44DA305A-2A68-4DC7-B7C7-033C80C8D0E5.jpeg 95929624-586F-4BCD-84F0-A09428DFC002.jpeg 89C6D07B-E42C-405A-A225-56E15AC53B09.jpeg


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It's starting to look like a BIG mini. And with all the bells and whistles! What's next? A heated seat?
I think I can put a live axle in place of the open axle it has now. I found a hub that would allow me to keep the back tire I’m using. And maybe have enough room for a rear disk brake setup.
291A1EF5-B915-4AE0-92A3-2DBC4E20DD79.jpeg DBEB1999-91D3-4112-A491-65DFE7DA8D53.jpeg