A question on Tire tread patterns for you off road riders.


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My Trail King originally had a agriculture pattern rear tire on it when it was made 72 years ago. It has a diamond shaped knobby rear tire on it now. When attending a mini-bike meet in CA a few years ago I purchased an original agriculture tread rear tire and put it on the rear wheel. While the traction is good, I found on rocky paths or rock outcroppings the tire slips most of the time off to one side rather than going over the rock/rocks making the bike unwieldy and tiring to control. If I catch the edge of a rock the bike will slide off to one side causing the bike and me to loose balance and fight to keep it going straight.
The tire is four-ply and I have varied the tire pressure low/high and have found no real difference in handling. In dirt,mud and thick pine needles the tire works well.
On rocks it does not. Yes, the tread is facing the right direction.
What are you Tote Gote and other riders of trail scooters experiencing while riding off road in rocks if you use this type of tire?
The knobby tire rides over the rocks with no problems.

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What you are describing is right on .... AG tread does jump bike over the rocks.mostly because of no rubber or sidewall flex.....but in sand or snow this tire takes the bike anywhere . Our Sherpa was ridden all over on a Saturday in snow foot deep.... 12 " AG.rear huge tire...photo of bike is on my previous threads....