All original SURVIVORS

Ok, seems like some a lot of us here like the originals enough to keep them that way. I don't mean total basket cases, I'm talking about (mostly) original, unrestored bikes. Lets see em!!

This is my Montgomery Wards 525. I was originally going to use it for parts for my Allis Chalmers bike. Then I came to my senses.
As bought:

After a lot of cleanup, no new paint, original chrome polished:

My Cat Endura, after a weekend of cleaning. Yes it's the wrong seat.

Fox Sundowner. This bike belongs to a friend of mine. He got it last fall, it was BRAND NEW. As in it sat in a warehouse unassembled in the original box. It has never had fuel in it, but the storage was a little damp, so there is some very small amounts of corrosion here and there. VERY CLEAN bike.

So, lets see your survivors!!
This is my early JCPenney El-Tigre. New chain, clutch brake/cover and pipe extension. Peg covers and kill button are also new...Everything else is O.E.

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These are on my To-Do list.
The 1410 will get a new seat cover and the original tires put back on(they came with the bike).
The BC1100 will get a different tank and maybe new grips if I can't save the taped one.
The CAT ....I think is all there and savable(is that a word??)

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This one will turn out to be a pretty nice original Sears bike after cleanup.

This was the picture of how it looked before I had it shipped to me:

It came in pieces as it was shipped UPS so I am taking that opportunity to clean everything and hopefully it will shine as nicely as 1stlegendtx's "El tigre's"

Bike is original other than maybe the fuel tank. I just bought an NOS tec tank to go on it though along with NOS guage fuelcap. Motor has pretty nice paint so its just going to get detailed:

I think the only thing I am missing is one length of chain (its a 2 speed so it need 3 chains) and one footpeg. Oh yes, no matter how hard it is to start, i'ts getting a tec kick start I have on the shelf!!!!!!
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Nice bikes guys. :eek:hmy:

I'm not as lucky or was too cheap because most of mine where missing the original engine or this or that.

I do Have a Tule Trooper that belonged to a guys grandfather who bought it new and used it on his apple orchard, everything is there and I hope to clean it up this summer and leave it the way it is. It still has the original tires in great shape!

I only have one complete vintage survivor but many rollers that will be restored or just put together with originality in mind! Here is my little bird!
It has some red velvet and some padding on the seat now but otherwise untouched!Still runs great, just needs a chainguard and a better seat!
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Who made it. It's in great shape for its age.
Thanks MBD
The Quaterhorse were manufactured by Microsound Inc. 3860 Centinela Ave LA. 90066
They made a couple of models
Super-Sport & Standard Sports model
They came in 5 different colors:
Buckskin, Black, Marine Blue, Hunter Orange, and Red

Yes for as old as it is its in FANTASTIC condition
LOL! There has to be something on it worth the 20 bucks I paid for it! It cost me more in gas driving the suburban down to fetch it.