Alsport Tri-sports For Sale

I have a 290cc RTS and a 340cc SL Tri-sports for sale. I've had this for over 30 years and they have been stored indoors during that period. Both are mostly complete. The RTS has a broken differential and the trike is disassembled. Both bodies are a little rough and they need new brakes. Both Kohler engines run although the carbs need to be rebuilt. The SL is located in Kansas City and the RTS is located in west central Illinois. $600 for both of them sold as a pair. Thanks. Mike
Pictures of the SL are attached but please note that the rear shroud, fenders, rear rack, etc. are not currently on the Trisport. I don't have any pictures of the RTS. It is currently in pieces but all of the pieces are there. It does need a new differential. 20141028_141254[1].jpg 20141028_141337[1].jpg


Those are pictures of the SL. As noted in the post, the rear shroud, gas tank, fenders, luggage rack, front fender, front tire, headlight, etc. were removed years ago so they wouldn't get broken. We had these on a farm and the SL extras just were in the way so I removed them. I still have the SL parts.