Alsport TS-130 (?) frame, tires, fiberglass body for sale or trade in North Atlanta, GA area. in

Got too many projects. Alsport frame looks like it was extended either as a "wheelie bar" or for a larger engine. Whoever did it did a good job of welding and fabricating. Frame has surface rust but nothing deeper than that. The fiberglass shell is as you see it. You can fix it or use it as a mold. Front fork assy has bushings in a bag. $100 or trade for minibike stuff lime brakes, twist throttles, fat-tire frame, three wheeler ATV frame/fork assy, etc. Can meet within two hour drive of me. IMG_20181121_152425061.jpg IMG_20181021_155349306_HDR~2.jpg IMG_20181021_155455437_HDR~2.jpg IMG_20181021_155604392_HDR~2.jpg IMG_20181021_155553686_HDR~2.jpg IMG_20181021_155545587_HDR~2.jpg