Altered gear ratio

I just bought a 60 tooth sprocket for my bike, going to get it in the mail in a couple days. The bike has a 12 tooth clutch and a 72 tooth sprocket right now, meaning that I'd be going from a 6:1 to a 5:1 gear ratio once I change the sprocket. Also running a 212 Predator w/ governor still on. Has anybody done this themselves? If so, how much speed gain did you get? How much speed gain is expected? Right now I'm topping out at a meager 22 mph with 5 inch wheels lol.
my guess is about 32mph hope you have a good chain cause the cheap ones eat up them aluminum sprockets fast i have a Koch chain was only like 12 bucks good quality i started with a 53 then switched to a 60 but went back to the 53