Am I missing something here?

$90 for repop forks and springs so how much for original?
$45 for repop badge. Original price for one?
So $80 for the rest of the fork and bars and rubbers.. Seems about right.


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I think someone just wants a Bonanza and is willing to buy it part by part. As many members on here tell me....nobody schill bids on E-bay. So maybe you are just jumping to conclusions.:wink:
One bidder has 102 transactions with 72% going to this seller, he must really like the stuff the seller has offered lately or be that non existent shill bidder. I see it more often now that I know what to look for. Everything I saw listed seemed crazy high priced and going higher, I call BS on the deal.
Look at your bidder history. b***u610 is bidding on your stuff as well as mikemike40oz's stuff. That only means that bidder is likely not the shill. I believe you have more integrity than to have someone run up your auctions.

you sure about that? How about showing me (badbaja72) some proof :shrug: your detective skills are not very good!
I'm not sure there's any shill bidding going on. I just think it's 3 or 4 people with deep pockets wanting bonanza stuff and not enough of it going around. Take a look at what markus' bonanza stuff sold for. $600 with shipping for a tank. Wow.
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BC fenders over $100. My mom would say Stop and think about that for a minute. It is painted over chrome and not that rare a part. A bonanza kickstand is more rare.