AMF Harley Davidson MC-65 parts

Hi - Newbe on this forum. I Just got this barn find minibike. My grandson wants me to help him restore it.
Pretty beat but mostly complete. Matching numbers - cool little thing. Got a ,list of parts I need but apparently hard to find. Any insight as to resources for parts for this project would be greatly appreciated. I do have a parts manual so I have access to the correct part numbers - Thanks in advance
Since th MC 65 was the predecessor to the X-90, I would think just about everything. The frame and all. BTW, the nickname for the MC 65 was, "Shortster". The 72 MC 65 is the only year and model it applies to.
There are only a few similar parts. Frames are different. No compatable engine parts. Gas and oil must be mixed for the Shortster while the X-90 is oil injected.
After looking it up. I stand corrected. The frame, forks, (front and back) and tank are different. This, along with the engine, obviously. Along with the engine, (power), the oil injection was the biggest improvement that came with the X-90. That said, I've seen a lot of them running without the oil tank. Thanks X-90!