And so another saga begins….

So I most of you know I drive to NY Last summer to pick up this jewel!….
Well after many boring winter days I finally started the resurrection…. 741C3A8B-F757-45F8-80AA-A53DCC02131F.jpeg 0CB02295-5A82-4AF3-A8D8-8BCA0493D1D9.jpeg
as you may notice my rookie mistake… and if anyone has put a two speed through 4 bearings once you know how pissed I was to have to do it twice…..
but it’s corrected and we’re sitting out here waiting in the chrome to return….

aand I. Leaned the lens on my phone!


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"We do it right because we do it twice." :D

The adage of every mechanic who has fumbled a job more than once. It happens to pros too or those who should know better, no worries.

That is a nice shade of metallic bronze or gold, but I see bronze. What is it?
I will be happy to post more…still waiting in chrome….shocks will be next and the tops and springs along with the rest of the parts, are “in the mail”….
What kinds of costs are you getting on the chrome these days? I'm real tempted to do some of these smaller plating jobs myself.
Way too much…it’ll be my last chrome job for a mini bike…

fenders rack front end shock tops and spring headlight….$1700 plus shipping
If you can plate at home there should be no question/decision….
Years ago the cost to have things plated was significantly cheaper. Didn't make it worth the hassle. These days there's so much information and resources to do this stuff in your backyard. Thus the temptation.
I'd REALLY like to know how you could do a (quality) job of chrome plating "in your backyard." - LOL!!
I had some guy in Cleveland do some last year…one man show, sent everything to his mother….for that trail horse you see above thst chrome was $450….took 5 months as he did it in the evenings….tried to contact him this season, way too booked up for me…he estimated 9 months if nothing came up….

point being it all was in his garage…or moms

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This is just my opinion.

But before I would fork over any money to a Ma and Pa chrome plater, I would inquire as to if they follow OSHA and EPA regulations for the handling and disposal of the toxic chemicals used in the chrome plating process.

If the person performing the work chooses to ignore PPE, that’s their business.
If the used toxic chemicals are improperly disposed of, then it’s everyone’s concern.