And the winners are!!!

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Drum Roll Please.................

Vintage Class:

Guardrail Dave

Open Class
Jeep 2003
Congrats to the winners it was a great build off , I hope we do another next winter as I have some more tricks planned lol.
The 2 winners represent the extremes in both directions; the iconic beautiful simplicity of the Taco and the extremely clever and mechanically challenging front and rear ends of Jeep's!
Love them both! I'm fond of the Limo as well. Thanks for the help Neck.

Very nice picks
These bikes represent not a case of overkill but a controlable idea to say this is what was done.
Sometimes people go overboard to exagirate the simpleness of basic design.
I've seen it in streetrodding for awhile now and most of the time it's too noticeable to say the least,The best way to do it is to stay with an idea and continue.
I really get a kick out of when a car has changes that I have to look for , seems the people who do the work are appreciative too.
Way to go Guys I LIKE THEM
Congrats to the winners and to all who took part in this build off and opened everybody's eyes to new stuff that can be done to these minis to make them even cooler! :thumbsup:
Thanks everybody ! Glad you could all see the work and thought i put into the build. It was a fun one and so close in the end! All the bikes are awesome even the undone ones. Iv got a few ideas for next time. Maby for another build off in the fall :thumbsup: And thanks Aaron for putting the whole thing on it was very well executed :smile:
Congrats guys, both of you deserve the win. Both of the bikes are truly great and I hope you enjoy them, because that is what it is all about. :thumbsup: :drinkup:
I think next year we'll have to drop a hint to Discovery so they can showcase all the tallent on this site. Well done to all that entered it was awesome.:thumbsup: